Fishing Report 14th of June 2018 Some Great Cod Action Happening with this Cold

One of our Team Members Pat Condon with a Nice Cod From Pindari Dam. Casting into heavy timber with rapid retrieving to get the Kezza down saw Patto scoring some nice examples of these beautiful fish Lure of the week River 2 Sea Spittin WA The Spittin WA will either… Continue reading

Fishing Report May 11th 2018, Feels like the Cold is Finally going to happen. GET THOSE EXCITING NEW COD LURES WHILE YOU CAN

Fishing report Lure of the week The river 2 Sea Whopper Plopper The Whopper Plopper gets bit. It cast’s a mile, and its ability to work at the widest possible range of speeds, makes it a great tool for honing in on the most productive speeds and rhythms for that… Continue reading

Fishing Report may 4th 2018, Hows the Fishing Been ? Keep those Pictures rolling in

Lure of the week Predatek Jabberwock This new Surface crawler has just hit the market and should create something special for the cod anglers, perfect for our river or impoundment cod, with a large action it will entice the most shutdown fish. Also has a large metal blade underneath its… Continue reading

Fishing Report 26th April 2018 Still not quite Cold Enough, But Its Coming .

Clinton Pocock with a nice Condamine Cod. Lure of the week Mudeye Snake Mudeye Snake is a serious jointed topwater lure, not for mucking around. Snake, lizard or swimming reptile action across the surface will target the serious predators in the area, big presence and big action deliver big bites!… Continue reading

Fishing Report April 4th, 2018. Some Great Cod showing Up. Get Your Gear Ready Now

Check out this Healthy looking Copeton Cod, Picked up by Mitch Cone on a Deps bulldozer, Well done Mitch. Great catching up. Lure of the week Jackall TN65 is a lure not seen very often in tackle stores it is slightly bigger than the normal tn60 and shaped a little… Continue reading

Fishing Report 12th of April 2018 Winter is almost here, The Cold is Stirring up the Cod

Adam Krautz with a 109cm Cod from Coolmunda. Lure of the week GEECRACK Gilling 125 This truly magnificent Geecrack hard body lure is set to explode on the Australian freshwater game fishing market. The attention to detail, and the precise construction make this Japanese made lure a step above everything… Continue reading

Fishing Report 6th April 2018 NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE BIG COD Starting to Fire

Adam Kruatz with a Great example of Coolamunda Gold Lure of the week Kingfisher V2 WakeBait, another great lure added to our ever-growing wall of lures. The new wakebait from Kingfishers lures is a perfect bait for our impoundment murray cod, with a large rolling action these are sure too… Continue reading


Lure of the week Bassman 4×4 These lures come in many different colors and weights, they are such a versatile lure they have become a “must have” for almost every region. From dams to rivers the cod are sure to Wake up and attack. With the 4 blades working hard… Continue reading