Fishing Report Apr 11th 2019

Lure of the weekJackall GigantarelArriving this week is some more outstanding colours in the Jackall Gignatrel. This Gigantic bait is a Murray Cod and Barra slayer! At 200mm and 5.4oz she isn’t catching anything small. Big bait big fish right?Cooby and Cressbrook Dam still remain close due to the Algae Outbreak.… Continue reading

Fishing Report March 3rd 2019

Jason Earlich From Hot Bite fishing with a Giant Somerset Bass  Lure of the week Jackall Gantarel  Coming into the colder months these baits come into there own, Crafted with an unequalled attention-to-detail and two durable joints, the segmented Jackall Gantarel creates an incredibly realistic bluegill imitation that will fool… Continue reading

Fishing Report 1st Nov 2018 Cooby CLosed Still Plenty of Other Fantastic Places

Joel Pukallus with a prime Example of a Lake Monduran Barra.   Lure of the week Jackall 79 Hank tune Specially designed magnetic weight moving system. Allows the lure to be cast farther and then when the lure hits the water the ball weight rolls back to the center and… Continue reading

Fishing Report July 19th 2018, Some Quality Fish being picked up, ARE YOU READY?????

First picture Jake Schwerin with a monster murray cod caught this week at Leslie Dam on a Jackall Mask Vibe. second photo …… Mitch Baker with a cracking Amberjack caught on board Rainbow Escape charters. Well done Fellas Great catches. Keep sending the pictures in people, make sure you watch… Continue reading

Fishing Report 12th of April 2018 Winter is almost here, The Cold is Stirring up the Cod

Adam Krautz with a 109cm Cod from Coolmunda. Lure of the week GEECRACK Gilling 125 This truly magnificent Geecrack hard body lure is set to explode on the Australian freshwater game fishing market. The attention to detail, and the precise construction make this Japanese made lure a step above everything… Continue reading

Fishing Report 6th April 2018 NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE BIG COD Starting to Fire

Adam Kruatz with a Great example of Coolamunda Gold Lure of the week Kingfisher V2 WakeBait, another great lure added to our ever-growing wall of lures. The new wakebait from Kingfishers lures is a perfect bait for our impoundment murray cod, with a large rolling action these are sure too… Continue reading


Lure of the week Bassman 4×4 These lures come in many different colors and weights, they are such a versatile lure they have become a “must have” for almost every region. From dams to rivers the cod are sure to Wake up and attack. With the 4 blades working hard… Continue reading

Fishing Report 22nd of Feb 2018 What Great Rain, Sure to bring some Great Fishing

Lure of the week Jackall Squirrel “ Hank Tune “   The Jackall Squirrel Hank Tune series are a 79mm suspending hardbody that have been rigged with hooks and trebles that are strong enough to handle big cod and barramundi and still tuned to suspend. The have a great colour… Continue reading

Fishing Report 8th of Feb 2018 Interesting times ahead, get the Gear Ready

Lure of the week Jackall Mega Pompadour MEGA POMPADOUR is the big crawler bait for universal game fish such as Black Bass, Peacock Bass, Pike, Murray Cod and Cat Fish. In regard, we made every part high strength. The MEGA POMPADOUR is a super high appeal crawler bait that has… Continue reading