Fishing Report 1st Nov 2018 Cooby CLosed Still Plenty of Other Fantastic Places

Joel Pukallus with a prime Example of a Lake Monduran Barra.   Lure of the week Jackall 79 Hank tune Specially designed magnetic weight moving system. Allows the lure to be cast farther and then when the lure hits the water the ball weight rolls back to the center and… Continue reading

Fishing Report 22nd of Feb 2018 What Great Rain, Sure to bring some Great Fishing

Lure of the week Jackall Squirrel “ Hank Tune “   The Jackall Squirrel Hank Tune series are a 79mm suspending hardbody that have been rigged with hooks and trebles that are strong enough to handle big cod and barramundi and still tuned to suspend. The have a great colour… Continue reading