Fishing Report Aug 30th 2018, Cod Season Closing 1st Sep, Get some Bass

Jordon Schultz with a great couple of Somerset Bass picked up on Hot bite G2s Lure of the week Rapala X-RAP SXRLS-14 Heavy-duty construction, weighted extra heavy for extreme casting distances and featuring a darting baitfish action, the X-Rap® Long Cast Shallow is an ideal tool for fast and aggressive presentations when predator species are… Continue reading

Fishing Report 28th June 2018 Lake Cressbrook Is Open

Lure of the week The Gang Bangers smaller brother has just hit the shelves, the perfect boney bream presentation on our schooled bass, works wonders on a dead slow roll or a hoping retrieve. This lure is proving to be a must have for any social or tournament angler. Cooby… Continue reading