Fishing Report 23rd August 2018. The Bass have been Going OFF………………….

Lure of the week No other lure can top it this week as the Palms ” Slow Blatt ” laid claim to the New Record Bass caught last weekend. The Slow Blatt comes in multiple weights but the 20g version is the most popular. It also comes in multiple shapes,… Continue reading

Fishing Report 23rd Nov Still Plenty of Great Catches Reported

Summer Lotz with her dad Dan with a great Somerset 50cm yellowbelly Summer caught on a ZX 40 Well done Sommer. Lure of the week Garra Lures  The ever expanding range of handcrafted timber lures are getting better and better and one that is growing with popularity is the Garra… Continue reading

FISHING REPORT NOVEMBER 9th, Those Cod are Practically Jumping in the Boat

Trent Rigney with a Great Example of a Coolamunda Cod on a Bassman Spinner bait Lure of the Week Deps 175 slideswimmer is a new product to Australian shores and with the big swimbait craze for murray cod these are the top end of the swimbaits. With a ultra wide… Continue reading

Fishing Report 19 Jan 2017 Cod going well at Coolmunda

    Adam Kruast with a great example of a Coolmunda Cod Lure of the week The Smak range of hardbodies have a great range of colours and depths which is ideal for targeting different water columns. They come in a 12ft, 16ft,19ft and a 25ft diver all with a… Continue reading