Fishing Report 27th Sep 2018 Still Great Fishing Perfect Time to take the Kids for a Flic

Sarah Schneider with great example of a Cressbrook Bass. Lure of the week Lucky Craft Pointer  Available in 100mm and 78mm, the suspending DD Pointer dives to the 6-7 foot zone and has a large body which produces a unique action when strongly jerked. The number one ‘power’ bait in… Continue reading

Fishing Report 14th Sep 2018 Some Big Fish Hitting the Decks

Kris George with a Massive Bass caught during the week at Somerset Dam, Caught on a Palms Slow Blatt. Lure of the week: Berkley Snap Jigs The Berkley Snap Jig is a versatile action jig head that pairs with your favorite soft plastics. The Snap Jig can be fished both vertically over… Continue reading

Fishing Report may 4th 2018, Hows the Fishing Been ? Keep those Pictures rolling in

Lure of the week Predatek Jabberwock This new Surface crawler has just hit the market and should create something special for the cod anglers, perfect for our river or impoundment cod, with a large action it will entice the most shutdown fish. Also has a large metal blade underneath its… Continue reading

Fishing Report 21st Sep 2017 The bass are schooling, The Yellows are biting.

Neil Alan with a Cracka Somerset Bass hitting the deck at 51cm Lure of the week The new range of BushRanger Donga Lures are a great deep diving hardbody Timber suited perfectly for getting down deep in our local impoundments and right now most of our fish are in the… Continue reading

CHECK IT OUT The Newest Addition from Jackall has arrived, Micro Pompadour

The Jackall Pompadour is a no brainer of a surface lure. You can fish it as simply as cast and slow retrieve or twitching it under trees or above snags.  The Fizz, Rattle and Wing Slap really draws the attention of our native predators. The rattling internals imitate a cicada or chattering bird… Continue reading