Rapala SXRLS-14

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Rapala Long Cast Shallow Stickbait Fishing Lures

Built with weight for awesome casting, you can peg your Rapala Long Cast Shallow Stick bait lures at a whole host of pelagic species for some insane top water action. This is a new lure from Rapala and is designed primarily for the shore based angler, particularly the rock hopper, to cast from the rock face in pursuit of Tuna, Mackerel, Bonnies, Tailor and Salmon that hunt the wash to feed on the numerous species of bait fish. They’re also perfect for the boat angler looking to battle such species outside the heads in the blue water.

The action is superb. You can rip it a speed while adding a long sweeping action with your rod that will see your Rapala Long Cast Shallow Stick bait lure dart like a fleeing, panicking bait fish swimming for its life. Designed to sink, the Long cast Shallow has a brilliant fluttering action while descending that will see it struck hard without putting any work on it at all. Built tough to handle the likes of monster Tuna, your Long Cast Shallow is rigged with super sharp, super strong twin assist hooks that will prove deadly come strike time.

The Rapala Long Cast Shallow Stickbait lures are your sure path to some huge action on the top water. Your casting capacity will see you reach fish action that might otherwise prove out of reach. These will be great for casting into schools of Tailor and Salmon from the beach when they’re parked out wide in the last line of breakers. These guys are not for the faint hearted. Expect hard core action and serious sport fishing. Grab a selection of Rapala Long Cast Shallow Stick bait fishing lures if your budget allows and create some surface driven bedlam.

Features And Specifications

  • SXRLS14: 14cm / 53g
  • Type: Stick Bait
  • Hooks: VMC Singles
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Action: Darting movement with sweeping rod action
  • Retrieve: Fast to variable
  • Flutters when sinking

Additional information


Sailfish UV, Mangrove Minnow, Baitfish, Ghost


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