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Offering a smaller profile and the same winning action, the Jackall Pompadour Jr. provides a one-of-a-kind topwater presentation that fish won’t be ready for. Designed to tempt bass at the surface, the Jackall Pompadour is fitted with metal wings that collapse on the cast and then flare out once they hit the water. Made to move tons of water, the flapping metal wings create a noticeable splash and a unique sound that compliments the dual rattle chambers.

At the rear, the Jackall Pompadour Jr. features a free-swinging hook holder and a prop blade that generate a heavy gurgling attraction. This forward-thinking design not only creates additional disturbance, but it also eliminates the possibility of a bass using the lure as leverage to spit the hook.Offered in a number of classic color ways, the Jackall Pompadour Jr. has a big presence that will draws even bigger bites. 

 Jackall Length Weight
 Pompadour Jr. 2-1/2″ 5/8oz

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