Mega Pompadour

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MEGA POMPADOUR is the big crawler bait for universal game fish such as Black Bass, Peacock Bass, Pike, Murray Cod and Cat Fish. In regard, we made every part high strength. The MEGA POMPADOUR is a super high appeal crawler bait that has a strong crawl action made by metal wings, noisy sound, two types of rattles and water splash made by rear prop. Expect high performance from MEGA POMPADOUR

The Mega Pompadour has a magnetic weight movement system which allows the lure to be cast long distances and keep its flight attitude.  It also has a unique rattle with a glass rattle and brass ball.

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brown dog, kermit, purple snake, black bone, black lizzard, black snake, TG razor, copeton frog, tutti fruiti, brown lizzard, Dead Duck, Purple oikawa, Jungle, Aussie Born


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