Megabass Grand Siglett


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Delivering big action in a small package, the Megabass Grand Siglett is a crawling topwater cicada lure that sets the standard for bug-pattern bass fishing. Featuring specially designed wings, the wings hold tightly to the body for aerodynamic casts and open with the first tug on the line.

With the wings open wide, the Grand Siglett will crawl with a lifelike splashing and bubbling action at slow and medium retrieve speeds. With subtle twitches, the Grand Siglett will pulse in place, perfect for pinpoint targeting of inviting overhangs and pockets of still water. With short, strong pulls, the Grand Siglett erupts into a furious burst of commotion that draws wary fish into striking.  It also features a hard-plastic exoskeleton that doubles as a rattle-chamber with a tungsten alloy balancer inside, which is precision-tuned to mimic the cicada’s fading cry.

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