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A light, incredibly powerful series of swimbait rods designed to cover the gamut of styles and sizes of swimbaits. The rear grips are extra long for extra leverage to improve casting distance and control, not to mention handling the big bass you’ll be catching. IMX provides unbelievable lightweight and sensitivity, but don’t let their light weight fool you. They have more than enough power to handle even the biggest bass. Four models give you excellent range in lure size and weight. It’s what you’ve come to expect from G.Loomis!

IMX 904C SWB 7’6″ D 1 12 – 25 1/2 – 3 Medium Mod-Fast
IMX 966C SWB 8′ G 1 25 – 45 3 – 8 Heavy Mod-Fast

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cbr783, cr723, 850ml, 843sps, 840m, dsr820, dsr822, 752bs, 966C SWBR IMX PRO, 904C SWBR IMX PRO


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