Cod Cruncha


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Material Timber with Lexan bib
Length Body Total
100mm 155
Weight 42g approimately
Depth 6m+ approx depending on line class
Technique Casting/Trolling

The Cod Cruncha is similar to its little brother the Wilbarra Fatty.  Both are designed to primarily target native freshwater species like Murray Cod and Golden Perch and suits their aggressive feeding style generating a desuctive wide swaying action and when retrieved will dig down deep attracting even the sleepest Cod.

The hardware of the Cod Cruncha is more so specifically designed for trolling the depths anticipating a strike from sleeping Cod out of their lair.

The Cod Cruncha is also able to bounce over snags, heavily timbered structure and rocky outcrops extremely well with its natural buoyancy allowing it to back out of snags and structure with the release of some line or backing off the rod tip.

The Cod Cruncha comes pre rigged with super strong rings and quality VMChooks and a braced wire omega runs through to the lure.

There is a variety of colours to suit any kind of fishing technique and “Custom Colours” can be arranged.

Designed for Freshwater Natives

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