Maroon Dam

Casting surface lures around the shallow weed and into any pockets is a great way to start a bass session at Maroon Dam, in the warmer months. Getting out on the water before the sun is up is going to increase your chances of get some great top water action. Using poppers like the Jackall SK Pop, MegaBbass Pop x and even the River 2 Sea Bubble Pops. Are all good for the pop style of surface lures, but it’s the (walk the dog) style of surface lure that really stirs up those Maroon bass. Mega Bass Dog x jr. , OSP Bent Minnows sammy 65’s and the Jackall Water Moccasin are by far the best lures on the market for this style of fishing? Using very long accurate casts, and a electric motor to stay super quite is also a must when trying for some top water action! The best retrieves for all these types of surface lures is a stop start retrieve. Where you work the lure for about a metre and then stop letting the lure pause and sit motionless on the top for a period of time. Between 5 to 10 seconds.

Moving then on to little hard bodies, casting them in around the weed, also paralleling the weed is a good option. This gives the fish a chance to explode out of the weed so that there pray has no clue its coming, but in our case eats our lures. For this I like to use suspending lures, Jackall Chubby’s and Squirrels, Mega Bass Llive x Smolt and Baby Griffons, also the Atomic Hardz range has a great selection of lures. If there floating lures I like to use the Pontoon 21 suspendots, to get those floating lure to do exactly what I want. Once again using a slow wind and pause retrieve, just to let that lure sit in front of the fishes face to entice them to bite. Fishing light line to help you get those long cast is a must the lighter the better in this case. This is one fun way to catch bass.

Maroon isn’t a larger lake by any means but the bass still school up in deeper water, finding these schooled fish can sometimes be a hard task but once located its normally game on. It’s just a matter of finding what bait they are feeding on, always having one rod rigged up with a soft plastic, one with a little blade and one with a soft Jackall. Its then just a matter of a little bit of trial and error and going through retrieves to find which one is triggering the best response. Maybe a hop with the soft Jackall a slow roll with the blade or even a roll and twitch retrieve with the soft plastic. It’s just up to you on what pattern you crack on the day!
Using spinnerbaits is another great option at maroon once again in the warmer months when the bass are aggressive, using smaller spinnerbaits at Maroon is better so like the Bassman Compact Range and the single bladed Compacts and TW series. Casting them to the deeper rocky banks and timber lined banks up the back of the dam is a good way to land some quality size Maroon bass. The standing timber is a good choice, and can produce some great fish at the right time. The fish suspend around the standing timber and it’s a great way to fish because the fish fight so hard. Cast your lure past as many trees as possible in one cast let the lure sink for about ten seconds and then retrieve it with a medium pace, not burn, and not slow just in between. This will make the bass react, and the bass really hit the lures hard when doing this technique.

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