Cressbrook Dam

Depth. 1 to 10 feet,
Lure – Soft plastics, Rigged ¼ oz Jig head.
Rod – A good 7 foot rod helps get the best twitch and casting distance.
Braid – 2 to 6 lb is the best for this situation.
Leader – 6 to 8 lb

Casting soft plastics to the weed is a great way to tempt some of those winter time bass and cressy is one of the ideal places to do it. Fishing slow sloping backs is the best for this style of fishing, using plastics like the Atomic Ripperz and Eco Gear grass minnows and even the good old Slider grub. These all work a treat on those lively Cressbrook bass, rigged on a 14 oz panted jig head.

Cast your lure right to the edge of the weed or even just into it, starting the retrieve with three or four aggressive upward twitches. To make your lure look like a fleeing bait fish that is shooting out of the weed. (Also this helps free any weed from the lure). To make it look as natural as possible. Then going to a slow roll retrieve for about ten winds of the handle, stop and let the lure sink back to the bottom once again do a few quick twitch’s, then back into the slow roll, continuing your retrieve all the way back to the boat, (as shown on the extreme angler DVD.)

Fishing blades is another way to tame a few Cressbrook bass, and shallow schools always show up around the lake at certain times of the year. Fishing a small Eco Gear or Little Max’s blade is a sure thing at Cressy. Targeting the fish that are between 10 to 20 feet of water, presents some great freshwater fishing action. Starting with a ¼ oz Little Max blade and just try slow rolling the lure through the fish using big casts is a must, to try keep the lure in amongst the fish . This will double your chances of landing a few fish.

Hopping the little blade is another way to catch any fish that are holding close to the bottom. This makes life a little easier because when the lure is on or near the bottom its always in the strike zone. Casting your lure out and let it sink all the way to the bottom, using 2 sharp lifts of the rod will make the lure shute up off the bottom, stop and hold the rod tip high in the air give four winds of the handle, too wind up the slack then let the lure free fall back to the bottom, keep repeating this process all the way back to the boat. As the lure free falls back to the bottom this is when the fish are most likely to bite.

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