Boondooma Dam

Check a map to gain some knowledge of spots before heading to the lake.

Begin by finding an edge that looks like it will hold fish? Using the sounder to look around about the15 feet mark to see if there are any fish holding just out wide of the edge . This is sometimes a good indication that there are active fish moving up to feed. First up in the morning starting with a reaction bait like a spinnerbait blade or jackalls, two reason these can all be used as a search bait, to find if there are any fish in the area. In the morning the fish are more active, active fish in the area won’t miss an opportunity to eat. It may not be what they want to eat but the bass aggressive instinct takes over not only because of the size of the lure but the disturbances it creates in the water.

If this doesn’t work, its thinking time… First. Down Sizing – start by dropping lure size from a 60mm jackall to a 50mm. A 1/2oz blade to a 3/8oz, a tandem blade set up spinnerbait to a single Colorado. These are all minor changes that help on certain days!

Ok this doesn’t work what to try? Target the deeper fish hanging out off the edge, say in 15 feet! You don’t want to scare these fish (with those big reaction baits) because they are generally resting fish (not so much hunting fish!) These are fish that could move up to the bank to feed at some stage, so this situation we start small and with very little vibration, like a soft plastic, a slider grub or atomic ripper, then trying a small blade with a bit of vibration. Just trying to crack a pattern or find out what the fish want to eat! So a little bit of trial and error is still needed.

Try this on a few a different bank types maybe steep rock banks, timber lined banks or weed edges. Just to find out what structure the fish are holding close to. Going through these steps is all part of landing those big fish we all dream about.

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