Fishing Report 21st Feb 2019

Ben Janke with a Saratoga caught from Lake Borumba

Lure of the Week

Bassman Jaw knocker 3/8oz
When only the best will do! One of the best Cod lures around! The redesign blade of the mumbler (now named the jaw knocker) has improved these out of sight. With this new blade which impacts on the the side of the head, not only improves the action but adds noise as well. This has improved the catch rate remarkable. Proudly handcrafted in Australia

Cooby Dam

Still closed due to an algae bloom outbreak

Cressbrook Dam

Cressbrook Dam has been closed for all recreational activities due to a cyanobacteria (blue green algae) outbreak. The park area remains open. 

Somerset Dam

Still very hot and cold on the water at Somerset with a few anglers having a very hard week with the odd anglers having some hot sessions, the afternoon bite has been by far the pick of times. Trolling has been the most productive with big fishing getting caught around the Southern end of Pelican Point and Kirkliegh Flats. For the casting anglers they have had good succes with Blades and Tailspinners.

Leslie Dam

Defentely the most consistent fishing from our local Dams, still some great cod getting caught, again trolling and covering large amounts of water is the best bet, Large Spinnerbaits being the lure of choice for this method. The Yellow belly have been on the move into the late afternoon, Zx blades and saltwater yabbies being the standout.

Lake Borumba 

A very special Dam that lacks attention and can be great at this time of year, the bass are schooled quite thick at the start of the junction off the old creek bed, targeting this fish with heavy Spinnerbaits and spoons has been the lure of choice, also while the water temperature is up there is a very good chance of catching Saratoga on the surface.

Copeton Dam

Its that right time of year when Copeton comes into its own. As the water cools down there should be a great Topwater and Swimbait bite. Casting the shallow grassy banks is key to finding these active fish.

Pindari Dam

A little warning for the fisherman travelling down to Pindari, its sitting at 8% and both ramps are out of the water, so take into consideration if you have a larger boat you may struggle to launch. The Dam has fished quite tough due to the drop in water level, the fish have moved onto the deeper points in the basin, the anglers having good succes have either jigged Zx blades or Jackall Mask vibes tight to the structure.

Gold Coast Offshore

With a Big Change coming this weekend the offshore fish are gonna be off limits for at east a week, there was good shows of mackeral starting to come in with dolleys and the odd king fish as by catch. Still a good chance of finding a Small black marlin on the shallower inshore shore reefs like the 36 and 54 fathom reefs. The bottom bashers have had good success with good snapper and pearl perch being on the bite

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