Fishing Report Feb 7 Th 2019

Colin Dixon with a 101cm Cod from Murray Cod from Copeton

Lure of the week
The Imakatsu Berlinetta Crawler is a lightweight, durable original lure with strong wings made of duralumin The action is that of a crawling, wounded bird or small animal which proves irresistible to our native ambush feeders. Factory fitted with strong hooks and rings + skirts from the rear to enhance and already lifeline appearance. The wings fold in during the cast allowing for maximum distance and accuracy. It won’t wander in the air like some other fixed-wing lures

Cooby Dam
Cooby Remains shut due to an Algae Bloom Outbreak

Cressbrook Dam
Cressbrook Dam has been closed for all recreational activities due to a cyanobacteria (blue green algae) outbreak. The park area remains open.  Somerset Dam
The dam is still producing some great fish if your willing to put the time and effort into finding the fish, Most anglers have the success around the southern stretch of Pelican Point. Blades, Spoon and Tailspinners have been the go too lure. Trolling has been very effective due to where the fish are sitting in the water column. Getting your lure close to the bottom has been key to getting the reaction from these fish.  

Wivenhoe Dam
The Dam has been fishing very consistent over the past week, with very little boat traffic you can have a great session on these fish if you find the bite time. The New Jackall TN80 accounted for the biggest fish coming in at 57 fork. Spoons and fishing a Spinnerbait in the deeper water has worked well. Out from Platypus Cliffs has held some great fish along the edge of the creek bed.

Leslie Dam
With a little run in over the past week the water clarity has been a little dirtier than previous weeks so the lure fishing hasn’t been the best, The Bait anglers having  the most success during the week, Saltwater Yabbies and Live Worms being the pick of the baits. A few smaller Cod were caught during the week on Larger Spinnerbaits and Mumblers, Being persistent with these baits and searching new water is key.

By far the pic of the local Dams over the past few weeks, Anglers having success all over the dam, with the reaction bite being very good close to the banks. Also fishing the same reaction style baits worked well on the deeper suspended fish has worked well with fisherman getting big numbers of fish.

Lake Awoonga 
With Northern Barra dams getting a massive influx of rain over the past few weeks it is a perfect opportunity to hit one of our closest dams before the cold weather settles in. With Jackall just releasing some great new colours in there 79 Squirrel range that these fish havn’t seen before they will give you your best shot, The Shallow Bays on the western side of the dam has fished well into the afternoon.

Gold Coast Offshore
Some great Snapper have been hanging around the 24 and 36 Fathom Reefs, Float lining whole Pilchards have worked best on these fish. This week still good reports of smaller black marlin still chasing the bait around the edge of the reefs. Live Slimy Mackerel being the pic of the baits.
Colin Dixon with a 101cm Cod from Murray Cod

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