Fishing Report 31/01/19

One of our Team Members Pat Condon with  a great 52cm Sooty Grunter From Eungella.

Lure of the week
Bassday BackFire 656mm

Bassday make some of the best Japanese lures available anywhere. Their expertise in the surface lure market is second to none with the SugaPen one of the deadliest and best surface lures available. Their newest creation, the Backfire was originally designed for Black Porgy on Lake Hamana in Shizuoka but it has proven itself in our local conditions already. And like the SugaPen is sure to be a favourite for keen anglers.

The Backfire is 65mm long and through wired making it strong and dependable. It weighs 7.5 grams as casts exceptionally well for a small lure. The large cupped face is capable of both dramatic pops but also small subtle ripple inducing pops when using a slow and light touch.

The slim profile produces little wind resistance. The action is that of a classic popper and will be excellent for bass, bream and other surface feeders. It can be wound flat out or with a pause and wind technique.

Cooby Dam
Cooby Still remains shut due to an Algae Bloom outbreak till further Notice.

Cressbrook Dam
 Cressbrook Dam has been closed for all recreational activities due to a cyanobacteria (blue green algae) outbreak. The park area remains open.

Somerset Dam
Somerset still fishing quite consistent, big fish were caught during the week up to 53cm, South of Pelican Point is still by far the pick of the marks. Trolling deeper Hardbodies very close to the bottom has worked wonders, Casting Tailspinners and Spoons in the same area produced some great quality fish. Keeping your lure tight to the bottom with both these lure options has been key to getting a reaction from the fish.

Wivenhoe Dam
Wivenhoe is quite a hidden Gem  due to its size but holds the biggest bass in QLD, Definitely worth a trip at the moment with good quantities of big bass getting caught, the deeper rock walls have been holding some great fish, casting Jackalls and Spinnerbaits in these areas have caught great fish, casting spoons and metal blades have fished well on the schools once located. The flats off Platypus cliffs and Billy’s Bay has been holding good numbers.

Leslie Dam
Leslie has fished very well over the last few months with good catches of Murray Cod over the meter mark, still continues to fish reasonable just not the quantity like it was. Alot of smaller Yellow Belly have been getting caught during the week with the odd cod as by catch, covering water trolling across the main lake points has been the undoing of some good fish. Jigging Soft Vibes or Zx 40’s in the Deep water off the edge of the creek bed is always a Safe Bet.

Boondooma Dam
By far the pick of our Local Lakes, The casting anglers have the most success fishing Spinnerbaits and Jackalls up onto the shallower edges, along with the steeper rock walls in the narrows casting Weedless jigs or Soft Jackalls. The fish are well schooled in the main Basin not far from the dam wall, Targeting these fish with plastics and spoons have been the lure of choice.

Copeton Dam 
With the Dam getting a lot of attention over the holiday break there was some great fish caught all over the lake, the main basin being the most  consistent with the water levels dropping. Casting Larger Swimbaits towards the shallower edges like the Jackall Gantarel and Gigantarel have accounted for the majority of the fish, with Mumblers getting the deeper fish. 

Gold Coast Offshore 
The Gold Coast Heavy tackle fisherman have just had the greatest 2 weeks Marlin fishing they could wish for. Marlin from 20kg to 100kg have been caught east roughly 30-40km out from the spit. Trolling smaller Skirts have picked up the active fish while the anglers finding the patches of bait have had great success on live baiting Slimmy Mackeral.

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