Fishing Report Jan 10th 2019

Nick Cosmo with a prime Example of a Glenlyon Murray Cod.

Lure of the week
River 2 Sea Spittin WA The Spittin’ Wa is the frog for when you need a little more commotion.  Spittin’ Wa is extremely versatile and ideal bait for our local rivers where you need a weedless topwater bait, an excellent walking and popping action to draw them bites from a distance.

Fishing Report

Cooby Dam 
Cooby Dam still remains close to due to elevated numbers of E.Coli bacteria.

Cressbrook Dam
 Still Great action on the dam this past week, with a lot anglers catching good numbers of fish, havnt been the biggest fish but great fun for the kids if you find a patch of active ones. Tailspinners and metal blades getting most of the attention, The Bull Creek arm of the dam has been holding consistent numbers.

Somerset Dam
Very hit and miss due to the weather patterns we have had the past few days, the eastly winds have pushed the fish quite tight to the bottom, the trolling anglers have had most of the success, keeping your lure tight to the bottom is key when the fish are shut down. Little rippers and Smak Golden Childs getting the bites. Pelican Point has been the  most productive with a lot of fish on the northern and southern parts of the point.

Leslie Dam
With the amount of traffic on the lake the last few week’s the dam hasnt been effected to much, a lot of smaller yellow belly have been caught on the edges of the creek, trolling small hard bodies has worked well, Once locating submerged structure Zx Blades and Mask Vibes have worked well to get the bites, a few smaller cod were picked up in front of the wall last weekend, casting Spinnerbaits were the the go too, Saltwater Yabbies and worms have been consistent for the bait anglers either on the bank or in the boat.

Boondooma Dam
Still plenty of fish to be caught all over the lake, The stuart arm is holding good numbers of fish after the recent water level rise, casting Spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits have worked well on these fish, for the shooled fish locating them has been the easy part although at times being quite hard to tempt, The Junction, Pelican Point and the 3rd bouy from the ramp has proved to be the pick of the spots, Spoons and plastics being the lure of choice.

Glenlyon Dam
This Dam is realy firing at the moment with some great cod being caught, Casting Large Spinnerbaits and Mumblers have been the lure of choice, fishing close as possible to the standing timber has been key to getting the bites, the yellow belly have been quite active as well with anglers getting good results trolling the steeper banks in the basin. Jigging blades and soft vibes close to the timber is another great option for this lake and can be very productive once locating the fish.

Gold Coast Offshore
Very trying conditions this past week with the weather not being on our side, Anglers that did get out in the short windows caught some great fish, Quite a few Small Black Marlin have been caught wide on the 36 and 50 Fathom reefs, along with quality sized dolphin fish as a great By catch.  For the closer inshore reefs the bottom fisherman have been getting a good mixed bag of Reefies including Parrot, Pearl Peach and decent some decent Snapper, a well presented Pilchard being the bait of choice

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