Fishing Report 3rd of Jan 2019 Happy New Year

Malcolm Lau with a very solid Bass caught at Cressbrook on New Years Eve, Jets Tailspinner being the lure of choice.

Jets Tailspinner

A great time of year to be fishing a Tailspinner as this is when they are most productive, while the fish are holding quite close to the bottom, can be retrieved multiple ways, a long draw off the bottom with a tight line or a generous slow roll off the bottom, both can be very effective on there given day.

Cooby Dam
Cooby Still Remains shut due to an Algea Bloom out break

Leslie Dam
Still very Consistent fishing at leslie, Casting Large Spinnerbaits worked well for a local angler catching 2 fish around the meter mark within the last few days. Others had success trolling deep diving hard bodies close to the Creek bed not far from the dam wall. Salt water yabbies worked wonders for the bait anglers.

Cressbrook Dam
Some very good fish caught during the Christmas period with a lot anglers having very good success, the Main lake points in the Cressbrook creek arm of the dam fish well with Tailspinners and Metal Blades, hopped closely to the bottom, Bait anglers have also getting amongst the fish, Prawns and Saltwater yabbies worked well in the deeper water off Deer Island.

Somerset Dam
Not normally the greatest time of year to be catching good amounts of fish on this lake but it has really fired up over the past few weeks, most anglers catching fish, the quality of fish hasn’t been the greatest but working through the smaller fish should see you land some better quality. A Jets Tailspinner being the lure of choice. The trolling anglers are having by far the most success, working Pelican Point and the Kirkliegh flats with a 20 foot hard body has worked a treat.

Boondooma Dam
Defentely pick of our Local Dams at the moment, The Bass are schooling not far from the boat ramp so very accessible to the smaller boats or kayaks, the fish are holding out from the boy line in quite deep water, Targeting these suspended fish with Spoons or heavily weighted Plastics has been the lure of choice.

Pindari Dam
With this very warm weather hanging around it has got the Yellow Belly well and truely on the bite. The smaller Cod have been on the chew up river after the last run in of rain, casting large Spinnerbaits and Mumblers got the reaction from the fish, the yellow belly have pushed further down the dam into the main basin, Jigging ZX Blades or Jackall Mask Vibes on points with submerged structure worked well on these fish.

Gold Coast Offshore
Small windows of good weather has made it hard for the anglers this week to head out, large swells and  eastly winds making it difficult. Anglers that were able to get out enjoyed good schools of Spotted Mackeral busting up not far from the Jumpin Pin Bar, Metal slugs or live baits were the baits of choice.  Other reports of the 24 and 54 fathom reefs still producing a good mixed bag of reefies, fresh squid and pilchards were a must. A few Juvenile Black Marlin and dolphin fish were picked up trolling smaller skirts on the edge of the close in reefs.

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