Fishing Report 22nd Nov 2018, It Just Keeps Getting Better From Here On In

Lure of the week

Mazzzy Vib Forteil

With Cod opening seasons just around the corner, as well as Dams starting to perform nicely now. Its time to remind people of the Mazzy Vib Forteil. The Big Bro of the original Mazzy Vib. This up scaled model at 100mm and 50g is to target the large species of the fishing world. The action is an exact copy of the original with is tail up at rest on the bottom and the wide thumping pitch and roll the Mazzy Vib range is known for. Designed to target Murray cod, Barramundi, Jewfish and even monster Golden perch. During the proto type and testing phase this lure accounted for many cod over the meter mark, and dozens of Yellas over 60cm. Largest cod caught was 118cm and the largest Golden perch was 63cm. Defiantly a great lure to try out.

Cooby Dam

Plenty of great reports from Cooby this week the yellowbelly are feeding and most of the bait sources are living on the edges of the weed beds so trolling close to the weed beds has been key. The fish have been up around the 8 ft mark so shallow diving hard bodies lures have worked best, Slow trolled along the edges of the weeds. The lure fishing really has been out doing bait this week with the shallow hardbodies working as well as jigging the ZX blades out from some main points has been the best way to land the fish.

Cressbrook Dam

Not huge numbers of But some quality being landed at Cressbrook this week. For the more advanced fisherman the fishing has been productive. locating the schools of bass on your fish finder is the tricky part scanning the lake for schools of bass can take time try starting out from main lake points or spots given to you by other anglers. Obviously the better fish finder you have the more chance of finding the schools. Once located the fish are biting well on soft plastics, spoons and tail spinners slow rolled through the fish. For the bait angler live shrimp is a must for the bass. While saltwater yabbies and worms work well for the odd yellowbelly getting landed out there also.

Leslie Dam

Leslie is still going very well, surprisingly as its very low.  Yellowbelly, silver perch and murray cod all on offer at Leslie right now. The yellowbelly have been active in the old creek bed in deeper water, hoping soft vibes or using saltwater yabbies has worked best while silver perch have been thick up around the edges with some caught on lures but mostly on live worms under 10 ft of water. While a few nice cod have been caught again this week around the rocky banks in the early mornings and late afternoon casting spinnerbaits.

Somerset Dam

Somerset continues its hot form this week with loads of large bass being landed in a number of different schools located over the lake. Most fish are in very deep water around 50ft searching the creek bed and wide out from main lake points like the Spit and Pelican Point will be a good starting point. Once located the fish have been loving soft plastics rigged on a heavy jig head and also heavy spoons slow rolled through the fish. For the bait angler live shrimp will be a big help.

Glenlyon Dam

Glenlyon is also starting to fish quite well, with a lot of people at the dam over the weekend there was still some great fishing to be had. Few reports of big cod caught around the caves and the deeper points. 1oz spinnerbaits are a must when fishing Glenlyon, casting deep timber off the main creek bed is a good place to start casting or trolling.

Gold Coast fishing

Inshore the fishing has been really hot in the northern Broadwater region through to Jumpinpin with loads of flathead being landed on the sand flats on both bait and lures while there has been some huge yellowtail kingfish cruising around the seaway using live baits or strip baits will be your best bet with the king fish and there has also been some nice mangrove jack being landed up in the Nerang river of soft plastics.

Tip of the week

Do yourself a favour and head out fishing over the next month the fishing has been really good and its looking like improving over the next month it will depend on rain and temp but things seem to be lining up if we get some good rain and then some warmer weeks the fishing will be perfect and the best way to learn how to fish is to catch them and now’s that time.

Craig Toms 88cm Cod he caught at Glenlyon Dam on Saturday

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