Fishing Report 12th Oct 2018. Some Great catches about…But this Weather???? BE CAREFUL

Lure of the week

Profishent Vixen Vibe 65

Yellowbelly fisherman take note, a new lure has hit our shelves and is creating a storm

A tournament quality vibe that will awaken shutdown sleepy yellow giants. We introduce the Vixen Vibe Lure by Profishent Tackle.

Vixen Vibe lures are versatile in design at 65mm and weighing in at around 11 grams they are not only ideal for freshwater on yellowbelly but will also be slayers on big bass or redfin, murray cod and you will even entice a barra or mangrove jack out of its snag to take a swipe. Flathead are another fish that will also take a fancy to the Vixen as its designed to sit in the water with its nose down and tail up when stationary on the bottom. Fish the Profishent Vixen Vibe lure around weed beds, around structure or snags for the best performance and chance of awakening a sleepy giant.

Cooby Dam

With the weather really being on the anglers side of late the yellow belly are being very active and taking a liking to multiple baits and lures, the trolling anglers are having good success on the low light periods just fishing above the weed edges where the fish are moving up towards the warmer water, also better results this week during the day fishing soft vibes and blades in the deeper water, up along the rock wall is always worth a look.

Cressbrook Dam

Great fishing to be had at Cressbrook still, with multiple reports of good numbers of fishing being caught, the main lake points in the basin are still holding good amounts of fish, 35 foot has been the magic number where the fish are holding, targeting these fish with either plastics and spoons will be your best bet. With weed growth surrounding a few edges there’s also a great chance of a good edge bite starting to form, casting Spinnerbaits and Lipless Crankbaits is another great way of catching some great fish.

Somerset Dam

With big tournaments being held on the dam in consecutive weekends it has put a spoiler on the fishing we did have a few weeks back, still some great fish have been caught, the afternoon bite has far by been the pick of the times. The creek bed around pelican point is holding the numbers of fish, while Kirkliegh has been consistent with the bigger fish. Spoons and plastics fished tight to the bottom have accounted for most of the bites.

Leslie Dam

Very consistent still out at Leslie with most anglers catching there limits quite easy, The bait fisherman are getting results with either salt water yabbies or worms fishing just out from the ramp on the edge of the creek bed, lure anglers are having the most success either casting or trolling large Spinnerbaits around the submerged structure around the dam wall.

Copeton Dam

Considering the warmer weather during the day, the fish are reasonably active on the low light periods, finding deeper banks in the main basin where the water is a little cooler is where you want to spend most of your time, casting mumblers and spinnerbaits to these areas has worked well during the past week. The Yellow Belly are definitely on the move with the hotter temps, fishing submerged timber at the start of the river has worked well, casting Lipless Crankbaits and smaller Spinnerbaits should see you land some quality yellow belly, also working the trees with ZX blades has worked wonders.

Gold Coast Offshore

Great weather last weekend for the anglers to get amongst the Gold Coast close in reefs, 24’s and 56 fathom reefs produced some good fish from Pearl Perch, Parrot and Sweetlip, A few Cobia have also been picked up while float lining pilchards on these reefs. Further in shore there has been some great mac and longtail tuna action, small metal slugs have got these fish in a feeding frenzy.

Nathan Nichols with a great example of a barramundi from Lake Monduran

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