Fishing Report Sep 6th 2018


Jamie Hardman with another cracking bass from Somerset on a Spoon.

Lure of the Week

The Halco Twisty is usually known for catching tuna, mackrel and tailor but is now one the the top lures for our local impoundments with the bass and yellowbelly in the deeper water the heavy spoons can get in to the range of the fish quick and the flashy lure makes for a good baitfish imitation.

Somerset Dam

Somerset has been the talk of the town as it has really started to fire and the reason for its immense popularity is the size of the fish. Most years Somerset Dam fishes well for huge bass over spring and summer months and this year is starting of exceptionally with already plenty of bass well over the 50cm mark being landed every day. some anglers having over 20 fish sessions and all big fish. The Spoons have been the most popular bait of choice either jigging it casting it or even trolling it slowly along the bottom. Other baits that have worked well are soft plastics and soft Jackalls. There are a couple of schools that you can locate by using your fishfinder. The more popular spots have been out from the Pelican Point and near the Kirkleigh island were the Fish are generally sitting between 30-50 ft of water.

Boondoomba Dam

Continuing to fish well as it has most of the year the schooling bass around Pelican Point and the Junction have been biting well on Spoons and blades. while the fish haven’t been as big as the Somerset fish Boondoombas versatility is great and there are still good fish being landed on the edges and in the timbers. Casting suspending hardbodies and Jackalls in the timber has also produced some good bass and yellowbelly. Trolling is starting to be a bit more productive but will definitely improve over the next month when the water warms up. For the bait angler its simple live shrimp for the bass and saltwater yabbies for the yellowbelly similar areas for both species.

Moogerah Dam

The trend continues with the bass fishing, schooling bass near the boat ramp at moogerah have been biting well while trolling jackalls through the timber has also produced some nice fish casting spinnerbaits and suspenders to the steep edges is producing fish while for the bait anlger live shrimp again will be by far the best choice.

Cooby Dam

Still a few good yellowbelly taken this week at cooby mainly on salt water yabbies and Ecogear ZX Blades some up near the buoy line in the deeper water and other off the main point opposite the boat ramp. the water temp is still low so we should expect the fishing to improve as the water temp rises The afternoon bite times is by far the best anytime after 2pm. September is a great month all round for fishing

Leslie Dam

The water level is getting really low at leslie but its not hurting the fishing with most anglers having good success especially in the late afternoon fishing on the edge of the old creek bed. With the water level dropping the fish are moving into the old creek bed and the deeper water they are easily found by following the edge of the creek. Then using saltwater yabbies of Ecogear ZX blades working tight to the bottom has produced plenty of nice yellowbelly and cod.

Tip of the week

It is closed season on murray cod from 1st September to 30th November this mean no targeting murray cod in all areas apart from Beardmore, Beehive, Connelly, Cooby, Leslie, coolmunda, Glenlyon and Storm king Dam as these are stocked by the SIPS program. Time to let the rivers rest and get yourself ready for cod fishing in December. Time to catch some big impoundment fish


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