Fishing Report Aug 30th 2018, Cod Season Closing 1st Sep, Get some Bass

Jordon Schultz with a great couple of Somerset Bass picked up on Hot bite G2s

Lure of the week

Rapala X-RAP SXRLS-14

Heavy-duty construction, weighted extra heavy for extreme casting distances and featuring a darting baitfish action, the X-Rap® Long Cast Shallow is an ideal tool for fast and aggressive presentations when predator species are feeding on top or in the shallows. Equipped with VMC® In-Line single hooks. Perfectly balanced, flutters down on the drop.

Cooby Dam

Some great fishing was had at Cooby this past week with big numbers of yellow belly getting caught all over the Dam, Same as last week TN60 and 70’s trolled very close to the weed beds on the low light periods, while Jigged ZX blades have been getting the fish in the deeper parts. Saltwater Yabbies have been working very affectivley for the bait anglers.

Cressbrook Dam

A little slower this week due to the cool change in weather, Still the main points in the basin are holding fish but have been hard to get them too commit to a lure. The trolling anglers have worked the bouy line for some great fish, Little rippers have been the lure of choice for them. With the water level getting down the bank fisherman have also had some success on live worms.

Somerset Dam

A absolute cracking week on Somerset, with big numbers of big fish, the late afternoon bite period seems to be the best, the fish are quite spread out and are moving quick, so having a few different spots that you can work between is key for having a good session as the fish can shut down quite quickly. Wide of Bay 13, Queen Street flats, Kirkleigh flats and pelican point is holding massive amounts of fish, Spoons and plastics have been the go to lure again.

Boondooma Dam

Sensational fishing at Boondooma at the moment, working the main points including pelican point, the Junction and the Barbers Pole are holding fish, targeting these fish with metal blades and spoons has been the pick of the baits. Some Anglers have had good success in the Boyne arm of the dam on some massive yellow belly, 1/2 or 5/8oz Spinnerbaits worked tight to the structure will be your best bet.

Leslie Dam

With the cod season coming an end its a great time to be hitting our local dams in search of that massive cod, Leslie has been producing unbelievable numbers of cod, trolling has by far been the best method to target these fish, Bassman Spinnerbaits Codman series seems to be a go to lure with the dirty water. Working the edge of the creek bed has been key to getting onto the fish, The bait anglers still having a good suucess bobbing saltwater yabbies in these same areas.

Gold Coast and Tweed Offshore

With reasonable weather its allowing the anglers to get amongst the great fishing we are having off the gold coast, the pelagic side of things has been unreal, good numbers of tuna have been getting around not far from the Jumpin pin bar, these fish are very accessible as these fish can come quite close to the shore. For the Bottom fishing theirs good numbers of snapper still haunting the close inshore reefs, The 24 and 54 fathom reefs has been fishing very well for snapper and pearl perch. A few Dolphin fish have been showing up north of the tweed on the FAD. The 9 mile reef in front of the tweed bar has been fishing exceptional for king fish and mackerel. Float lining live Yakkas is a must when targeting these pressured fish. Casting Large stick baits on this reef can attract some massive GT on the right tide.

As Cod season draws to a close for 2018 just a reminder of the dates

  • QLD: 1 September to 30 November in all Queensland waters contained in the Murray Darling Drainage Division. An exception to this closed season applies to Beardmore Dam, Beehive Dam, Connolly Dam, Cooby Dam, Coolmunda Dam, Glenlyon Dam and Leslie Dam, Storm King Dam

  • NSW – 1st Sep to 30th Nov. More details can be found here at the DPI website. Copeton Dam is open all year round for NSW.

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