Fishing Report 23rd August 2018. The Bass have been Going OFF………………….

Lure of the week

No other lure can top it this week as the Palms ” Slow Blatt ” laid claim to the New Record Bass caught last weekend. The Slow Blatt comes in multiple weights but the 20g version is the most popular. It also comes in multiple shapes, slim and wide both are the most popular.

Get in store quick as these lures will be sold out Australia wide after this weekend.


Somerset Day

We often talk of how the bass lakes can be hit and miss one day they bite the next they don’t that has never been so true. On Friday I fished with freshwater fishing charter guide Matthew Langford and pro angler Daniel McCoy we fished the entire day for 3 small bass. The next day the boys fished a tournament call Basstasstic, the first morning session seen them land over 30 big bass followed by the afternoon session that got even better. Not only did they land lots of big bass but also the World Record Australian bass weighing in at a whopping 4.45kg which was 700g larger than the previous record which stood for 13 years. Sadly Sunday came and the bite slowed. Through the week there has been many great catches at Somerset Dam on spoons and plastics around Pelican Point and Kirkleigh, but some days are definitely better than others. Somerset Dam is renowned for having the biggest bass in Australia and it proved it this week. I know i’ll be heading there more often over the coming weeks.

Wivenhoe Dam

A family fishing comp was held here last weekend also with plenty of good catches but again the bass dominated the bite with plenty of big bass landed on lures. Wivenhoe is a great dam for the fact that may anglers have regularly caught bass and yellowbelly of the edges using Jackall lures and in the deeper water on blades and spoons. While the bait fisherman had good success on worms and saltwater yabbies.

Cressbrook Dam

Another prominent bass lake produced good fishing this week with plenty of keen anglers being rewarded at Cressy, although the size hasn’t quite been up to Somerset there has still been some big bass caught again on spoons and plastics. The exceptional bite in the bass lakes and the size increase would have something to do with the huge amount of bony bream in the lake, there is a fantastic bait source for all the fish and they are thriving on it. The future is bright for the bass fishing as usually the good fishing doesn’t happen until spring the great fishing has come early this year and we are all looking forward to a big year catching giant bass.

Leslie Dam

Leslie is getting extremely low down to around 8% which can make it difficult to get larger boats in, but the fishing has been great with lots of decent sized cod being caught on spinnerbaits to the edges at the dam wall end of the lake. While jigging ZX blades and using saltwater yabbies has caught a good mixture of cod and yellowbelly in the deeper water, the lower water level usually helps the fishing and this is the case for Leslie.

Coolmunda Dam

Although the overall fishing has been pretty quiet at Coolmunda there has been some real quality fish caught this week with cod over the 80cm mark coming pretty regularly when casting spinnerbaits in the timber up the back of the lake, even though it’s really shallow some big cod have been coming out of 4-6 ft of water. Saltwater yabbies and the Ecogear ZX blades have produced some nice yellowbelly out in the main basin near the dam wall and out from the boat ramp.

Cooby Dam

Cooby is still consistently catching good fish with the afternoon bite by far the best window, from around 2.30pm to 5.30pm producing the goods. Again saltwater yabbies and Ecogear ZX blades have done all the damage fished over any deep structures or out from main points.

Gold Coast

The inshore fishing has been really good with plenty of good-sized bream, flathead and tailor getting around the Broadwater. The plus is these fish all eat the same lures and baits so you never know what you’re going to catch. Small hardbodies and soft plastics work well while lightly weighted sand worms or saltwater yabbies work great as well. Fishing the deep channels through the dropping tide will give the best bite while there has been a decent surface bite on the top of the tide. The northern end of the Broadwater has produced the best fishing up around Jumpinpin although some quality catches in the Nerang river also.

Tip Of The Week

There is a lot to know when it comes to bass fishing our impoundments but once your know what to do you can catch fish for a lifetime. I strongly recommend getting a freshwater fishing charter on one of the bass lakes with Matthew Langford The current Australian Fishing Champion. Not only will you get a great days fishing but will learn strategies that will help on all species and you to can enjoy the spoils of our great lakes. You can find Matty on Facebook     or on his web site at




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