Fishing Report 9th of August 2018 Some Awesome Session of Late. Contact Us for the Local Knowledge

Daniel CcCoy showing what Cressbrook Dam has to offer with some big bass.

Lure of the week

Lunker Hunt Pop Frog

The Lunkherhunt Prop Frog is an extremely efficient fish catcher. Able to move over pads, wood, and slop with ease, the Lunkherhunt Prop Frog features two prop feet that can cruise over cover, re-enter the water, and start churning back up without skipping a beat.

Moving plenty of water and creating a one-of-a-kind disturbance, the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog’s double prop feet move plenty of water and make it easy for fish to track-down.

Cooby Dam

Still some great fish to be caught out at cooby, the fish have been quite active late into the evening, trolling lipless crankbaits along the weed edge has been having great success, the bait anglers have been getting there limits also on saltwater yabbies. Some undersized cod have also been caught this week, this time jigging blades and soft vibes.

Somerset Dam

Some great feedback from the dam this past week with alot angler catching some massive fish, the Queen Street flat has been holding big numbers, the afternoon bite has been the pick of the times to be there. Casting Spoons like the Gang Banger G2 has been by having the most success.

Cressbrook Dam

What a difference a week can make at Cressbrook, and unreal session was had buy 2 anglers last weekend, both had 30 fish sessions in the late afternoon, spoons were the lure of choice. The main points in the basin are still being very productive.

Leslie Dam

Still some great fishing to be had at Leslie,the main locations like the wash pool or the old creek bed that runs towards the dam wall. Blades have been the lure anglers choicen again, as well as trolling deep hardbodies along the Bouy line has accounted for some great cod and yellow belly. While the bait anglers having great success on saltwater yabbies and worms.

Copeton Dam

With the Dam receiving very little rain lately it is making the fishing quite hard, as the water level drops the fishing gets tougher, fishing the deeper water in the main basin will be your best bet, targeting these fish with large mumblers or weighted Swimbaits has had some success.

Boondooma Dam

A finally a change in fish numbers this week at Boondooma, anglers have had big fish sessions mainly in the afternoon, spoons and plastics have been the lure of choice, Barbers Pole and pelican point are holding big numbers of fish that are willing too eat your lures and baits.

Gold Coast Offshore

Some great Offshore weather last weekend allowing for anglers to head out and catch a feed, Snapper are in good numbers on the 36’s and 54’s fathom reefs, Soft plastics and cut baits will be your best bet. Some great Amberjack was also caught last weekend, floating lining whole pilchards worked well. While Large knife jigs also accounted for some great king fish.



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