Fishing Report April 4th, 2018. Some Great Cod showing Up. Get Your Gear Ready Now

Check out this Healthy looking Copeton Cod, Picked up by Mitch Cone on a Deps bulldozer,
Well done Mitch. Great catching up.

Lure of the week

Jackall TN65 is a lure not seen very often in tackle stores it is slightly bigger than the normal tn60 and shaped a little different. These have been really popular with the yellowbelly and cod fisherman giving a slightly wider action then normal one. Only selected colours check them out!

Cooby Dam

Cooby has really started to fish well this past couple weeks the yellowbelly has really turned on and many anglers have been catching their bag limits. The bait of choice has been the frozen salt water yabbies fished on a running sinker rig in the deeper water around the reflections boat ramp and up the northern arm in around 25ft of water. live shrimp has also worked along with jigging Ecogear blades.

Somerset Dam

This lake has been really hit and miss some days the schooling bass are really firing and the next day will be really tough some anglers believe it to be affected by the wind direction leading to the opinion that they will not bite on a southerly wind but there will also be affected by other circumstances that contribute to the schools mood. When they are biting all sorts of lures and baits have worked well Including trolling deep diving lures, metal spoons and soft plastics. When its tough live baits will give you the best chance.

Moogerah Dam

The bass fishing has been really good at Moogerah the past few weeks with some nice catches coming in on all sorts of techniques from trolling bibbed lures around the timber and through the schools to spinnerbaiting the edges. Lots of the bass are around the same size 38-40cm mark and are fighting really hard this would be a good place to go for a fish in the next few weeks. For the bait fisherman live shrimp will be best by far.

Copeton Dam

Another crazy week at Copeton dam with several cod over the 1.2m mark being boated along with numerous big cod. I went back down on Saturday after seeing such great catches through the week again fishing spinnerbaits and sub surface swimbaits managed to get myself a couple nice cod over the 90cm mark. Other anglers had landed the big cod on surface lures and spinnerbaits also. Bite times played a big part and were obvious when a lot of the good fish were caught on last light and early into the night. Other bite times early morning and throughout the day were also predominant. Although with such great fish being landed on fun techniques they still are not coming easy many casts go into these fish so be prepared to work hard.

Boondooma Dam

Boondooma continues its good form this week with plenty of nice sized bass and yellowbelly being landed on all sorts of baits and lures spinnerbaiting the timbered arms has produced both bass and yellowbelly while the schools around the junction and up near the wall have produced both bass and yellowbelly. Live shrimp and salt water yabbies have been the best baits while spinnerbaits, blades and tailspinners have worked well in the schooling fish.

Gold Coast offshore

This would be the best time of year for most fishing including offshore my favourite fish the yellowfin tuna is starting to show up in amongst the schools of mac tuna just out from the gold coast. While tolling skirted lures and hardbodies works great you can also catch them on live and dead baits. Trolling is a great option and you will find there are plenty of mackerel and wahoo around also some of the best table fish and fighting fish are right at our back-door areas from the 12 fathoms to the 18 fathoms has seen the most action.

Tip of the Week

When you are searching for fish weather on your fishfinder or simply by gathering information of your surroundings remember to look for bait also it is just as helpful to find bait as it is to find fish weather you are looking for baitfish in the weeds or frogs and lizard’s on the bank locating what the fish are feeding on and being able to match the bait the best you can is the main battle.


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