Fishing Report 22nd of Feb 2018 What Great Rain, Sure to bring some Great Fishing

Lure of the week

Jackall Squirrel “ Hank Tune “


The Jackall Squirrel Hank Tune series are a 79mm suspending hardbody that have been rigged with hooks and trebles that are strong enough to handle big cod and barramundi and still tuned to suspend. The have a great colour range and being able to pause the lure in front of the fish’s face longer that gives these lures that extra edge.

Cooby Dam

Not much has changed at Cooby this week fishing is still a bit slow although there seems to be a couple of bite times during the day where the yellowbelly come on the bite one around 3pm and the other just before dark. Saltwater yabbies have been the most successful along with slow trolling jackal tn60’s along the weed edge in around 20ft.

Leslie Dam

There have still been a few yellowbelly and silver perch taken at Leslie this week, mainly on live shrimp and salt water yabbies. The lure fishermen have had good success jigging blades and trolling small bright coloured hard body lures around any rocky banks. The fish seem to be sitting around any submerged rocks in 15-20ft so locating them on your fishfinder is best but otherwise look for banks that have rocks on them and fish out from that.

Somerset Dam

Somerset has really fired up this week with lots of quality bass schooling up around Pelican Point and the flats at the start of the timber. I would recommend putting in at Kirkliegh to be close to the spots. All kinds of baits and lures have worked once the fish have been located. The schooling bass are very active and are in around 25ft of water so I would recommend fishing heavy weighted lures like ½ ounce soft plastics, Spoons, tailspinners or even heavy spinnerbaits. For the bait fisherman the bass love live shrimp and they will also take worms, if you’re up near the timbered area there have been some good yellowbelly taken also which are best targeted with saltwater yabbies.

Boondooma Dam

Still plenty of good fishing at Boondooma with many anglers sounding around with their fish finder to locate schools of bass out from main lake points and suspended through the deeper water.  Once located the bite session can be really good and there has been a mixture of bass and yellowbelly schooling together and feeding on all sorts of baits and lures most of the more active fish are feeding on the bottom so heavy weighted soft plastics and blades slowly worked on the bottom with pauses has been most successful while trolling through the suspended fish has seen some smaller fish hit the decks. Meanwhile there have still been some quality bass and yellowbelly taken up in the timbers of both Boyne and Stuart arms casting reaction baits like spinnerbaits and Jackalls has worked well for the resident fish and salt water yabbies have gone well for the yellowbelly up in the trees. There was also a nice size Saratoga landed in the Boyne arm last week on spinnerbait.

Gold coast fishing

Some big mangrove jacks have been taken around the Nerang river mouth this week using live baits at night there has also been plenty of smaller whiting and bream being landed throughout the Broadwater and on the sandbanks. Offshore has again seen plenty of mackeral being trolled up and caught with live baits and there are still some good tuna around that will take similar lures to the mackerel. A bit wider there are still some marlin and dolleys around all depending on the winds and currents.

Tip of the week

Most years I have found when most areas are fishing quiet tough and it seems as though the fish aren’t interested in much other than maybe baits then working your lures as slow as possible with lots of pauses even long pauses up to 1 minute can work well and entice the fish to bite even when fishing the edges I find now a good time to use suspending lures and let them sit for long pauses.

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