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Lure of the week

Jackall Transams

The Transam would be the most versatile lures around, they are great of all species from bass,yellowbelly, cod ,barra and so on. These sinking soft vibes are a perfect lure for the summer when the fish are deep. With a great huge range of weights and colours. The 20g model is the best for getting down to those fish in deeper water and the schools. Retro fitting them with either stinger hooks or heavy treble depending your target species is a great option.

Cooby Dam

Cooby continues to produce some nice yellowbelly and the odd smaller cod. The best bite window has been through the day while it is hot and the pressure is building then cool temp blows through in the afternoon and has slowed things off. Early morning has also been a bit quiet as the water temp drops over night. Fishing through the day in water from 10-20ft has been best either trolling lures and Jackalls or jigging blades has worked best for the lures while salt water yabbies have dominated the bait fishing and have picked up some quality yellowbelly all week.

Cressbrook Dam

Good fishing for the kids at Cressbrook with a lot of smaller bass and barred grunter around willing to bite. Live worms and shrimp have worked best although the size hasn’t been great the numbers a good fishing in the deeper areas out from predominant points in the main basin. Lures have also worked well small blades and tail spinners have produced some better size fish.

Coolmunda Dam

Fishing is a little tough lately with a few small schools of yellowbelly around the main basin area either jigging blades or using saltwater yabbies have worked best with the odd bigger fish landed trolling lures and Jackalls around the timbered areas but the numbers are definitely out in the main basin straight out from the boat ramp is a good spot to start looking.

Boondooma Dam

Boondooma has been fishing exceptionally well lately with huge numbers of bass schooling in the main basin. Mostly suspended in the thermocline of water which is around 25ft. Casting sinking lures is key ie tailspinners, spoons and plastics. Learning the sink rate of the lure is important as you will want to estimate when the lure is at the required depth then a slow roll retrieve will do the job. Option 2 is to troll deep diving hard bodies as they are very deep it would be best to let a fair amount of line out when trolling use your electric motor to troll as the slower speed is better.

Somerset Dam

Fishing has been very tough most days at Somerset with the large amount of boat traffic the schooling bass have shut down. Easy to find the schools but hard to catch early mornings and mid week will give you the best chance. Meanwhile live shrimp is always a winner at Somerset so it’s still worth a go because there is some big bass waiting to bite just need to get them at the right time.

Offshore fishing

The crazy offshore fishing continues this week with some more hot weather the spotter and Spanish mackerel are thick along the coast line from the Gold Coast up to the Sunshine Coast. Along with the schools of dolphin fish there are plenty of big pelagic fish out there to target. Most anglers trolling Halco Laserpros and shallow diving lures along with some skirted baits or even just floating a pilly out and drifting.

Tip of the week

All through summer most of our local impoundments have a thermocline which is a section of water the most life in the lake sit in generally 20-30ft is the mark you will see an almost constant red line on your sounder at this level as all baits and fish will sit here sometimes fishing in 100ft of water seems strange but the fish will still be at 20-30ft learning what weighted lures will stay in this water column is key to success to light or to heavy and your lure wont be in the strike zone. Pop in and see us for some more info on this type of fishing.

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