Fishing Report 18th Jan 2018 Last Chance Before School Make it AWESOME

Lure of the week

Atomic Vibes now have a soft version which is a great option for the deep schooling bass. These vibes are much like the rattling hard body but with a more subtle action and less noise and vibration to give a more natural appearance. Perfect for bass, yellowbelly, cod and barramundi as they come in bigger sizes up to 110mm

Boondooma Dam

Boondooma its fishing great right now with many anglers catching cricket scores of fish over the past week with most of the bass schooling up in the main basin and down near the dam wall in around 30ft of water. Most sinking lures have worked well including spoons, tailspinners, soft plastics and soft vibes. Using your fish finder to locate the schools or trolling deep diving lures is a good way to locate them, even try slow trolling tail spinners or soft plastics with the electric motor around 2.5kmh with a heavy weight is a good way to locate the fish.

Bjelke Peterson Dam

Fishing has been consistent at BP with plenty of good bass and yellowbelly being landed lately. The dam is getting rather low and the fish are up a bit shallower than other lakes in around the 12-15 ft mark still using similar lures like spoons and vibes just letting the sink less or fishing lighter weight. Again the main basin is the best place to look as the bays and creeks have the warmer water and with dropping water level the fish will be out in the middle.

Maroon Dam

Another of the bass lakes that is producing some quantity this lake has plenty of bass available and with some very unique ways to catch them as they are smaller bass but very aggressive. Fishing the weed edges with plastics and swimjigs has worked best all throughout the day while casting or trolling Jackall TN60’s along the rock walls has been productive. If you can secure yourself some live shrimp you will surely catch some big numbers of fish at maroon also.

Leslie Dam

The numbers have been good at Leslie again this week with plenty of yellowbelly and silver perch landed in the old creek bed, mainly on saltwater yabbies and Ecogear ZX Blades. Mean while the silver perch have been up closer to the edge being caught mainly on worms and a few on blades. A few smaller cod have also been picked up this week on spinnerbaits in the late afternoon.

Cooby Dam

Cooby is fishing well as the yellowbelly really fire up here during the warmer months, most anglers using Ecogear ZX blades in the main basin in around 25ft of water. A lot of fish have been coming just out from the boat ramp and over towards Reflections boat ramp. Saltwater yabbies have also worked well and a few anglers are having success with some reasonable sized cod trolling hard bodies along the edges in about 15ft.

Stanley River

For the Kayak anglers the Stanley River is a consistent producer and the warmer weather has been great for the yellowbelly fishing and again this is a great place to try all sorts of different baits and lures as the fish are quiet aggressive. Most anglers are using Jackalls and spinnerbaits but suspending lures and blades are also a good option. Saltwater yabbies and live shrimp are the best bait options and there are also some good bass being landed when fishing the edges. Fishing the stretch between Somerset dam wall and O’sheas crossing is best.

Tip of the week

Boat Selection. For years I always tried to get a boat to do it all from skinny water to offshore but it never suited either. Selecting the right water craft for your fishing needs you are best off selecting something that suits your ‘’majority’’ fishing. If fishing locally a smaller decked out tinnie is ideal money will be best spent setting it up with good fish finder and electric motor to make for easier fishing other than a larger boat with poor electronics.


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