Fishing Report 4th 2018 Happy New Year Everyone

Lure of the Week

Ricky the Roach

You can fish him as if he hasn’t got a care in the world, or as if he’s in a fearful flap. Either way, Ricky is the most-wanted roach in the water. Predators are drawn to his positive swimming action, and driven wild by his trembling fins. Poor old Ricky triggers a bite wherever he goes.

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Cooby Dam

Lots of traffic at Cooby lately because of the great fishing being had with plenty of good yellowbelly being landed in the main basin of the out from the boat ramp. Practically all over the lake boats are anchored up and catching good fish on both bait and lures. Salt water yabbies have been the most popular while blades and Jackalls have been the best lures. A few smaller cod also been landed and with a rising barometer the cod will be on the move.

Leslie Dam

Again Leslie continues to produce large numbers of smaller fish in the late afternoon in the deeper water where the old creek bed is situated, usually in around 30ft of water. The boat traffic throughout the day has slowed things a little, the afternoon bite window is by far the best. Saltwater yabbies and bloodworms have been the most popular baits while spinnerbaits and blades have been great lures.

Coolmunda Dam

The trend continues with plenty of nice yellowbelly being taken, mainly jigging ZX blades out from the boat ramp and other locations in the main basin of the lake, again in around that 30ft mark. Saltwater yabbies have been good in the timber for yellowbelly and small cod while trolling deep diving lures in the creek bed has produced the better quality cod. The most popular lure has been the locally made Little Ripper lures.

Connelly Dam

A relatively unknown lake but is stacked with good cod and yellowbelly. While the anglers that frequent this location have regular success and lately the cod have been on the bite with some good reports of quality cod on surface lures and spinnerbaits. The yellowbelly have also been active mainly on saltwater yabbies and live shrimp.

Gold Coast

Inshore has seen a rise in the number of mangrove jack, bream and whiting caught around the northern parts of the Broadwater the jack have been up the Coomera river while the good numbers of bream and whiting have been around the sand flats and the mouth of the creeks.

Offshore has been crazy this week with massive numbers of marlin, dolphin fish and wahoo being landed in close the Gold Coast. Many small black marlin around the 40kg mark have been taken trolling 6-8 inch pusher skirts while the dolphin fish and wahoo have been keen on the Rapala and Halco 3m diving lures.

Tip of the week

The marlin fishing off the coast if incredible right now and very little knowledge is needed to catch a fish of a life time. Checking the weather and having the boat and equipment I would recommend heading out the 50m mark of water and putting a spread of 3 skirts of lures behind the boat and trolling around 7knots. You never know!!

Kurt janke With a nice change of pace from chasing cod to chasing Threadies at Hervey Bay, A great example at 107 .

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