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Little Rippers

Little Rippers are a locally Hand Made timber lures that are always popular with a long established history and are having a new rise in success lately as the fish move to the thermocline of water. Trolling the Little Rippers seems to be really hitting the right spot at around that 20ft mark. Two sizes available with a great range of colours. Be sure to check them out when next in.

Cressbrook Dam

The hot summer weather has finally arrived and the fish have defiantly felt it. Early mornings anglers have been picking up some nice yellowbelly along the edges, in the weeds etc A little further out just into the deep sections the bass have been hanging around as well. There has been a good lot of bait in those regions to keep them keen which also explains their presence. As the day starts to heat up the fish have ventured into the deeper sections, around the 25ft region. In front of the picnic grounds along buoy line has been a popular spot as well as Dear Island to easily find schools. Small spinner baits work well in the mornings while spoons tailspinners and even blades are getting really good results during the day in the deeper waters.

Cooby Dam

There has been a lot of small shrimp hatched in the shallow weeds in the last week. This has attracted a lot of quality yellows into it. Casting vibs or hard bodies is getting great results. While slow trolling along the weed edges has also produced fish on decks. While the yellows are gorging themselves on the bait in the early mornings and late evenings they to become part of the food chain….Bait for bigger predators the much sought aftere meter Murray Cod. With the darker times of the day, early mornings or late evenings the cod have been moving into those areas to feed on the bigger bait. Now is the time of the year we have caught our best cod at Cooby, if you put in the time you to are likely to be rewarded with a meter plus.

Moogerah Dam

We haven’t heard much from Moogerah of late, but just in the last few days it’s started going off. Just out from the day ramp you should be able to pick up a hump on the sounder. There have been some good schools hanging around it keen for a hit. All along the weed edges just south to the left before the timber line is another great spot as well as all points. Spoons Blades and tailspinners have been lures of choice with a few hard bodies cast in as well. Among the timber has given up some great silvers as well as yellowbelly, Saltwater yabbies and live shrimp have been the best for those guys. Moogerah is a very pictures dam and well worth taking your time exploring while working the sounder as the schools of fish spread out all throughout the dam.

Leslie Dam

Like the other dams, Leslie’s resident fish population has reacted well to the hot weather. Many reports of smaller fish landed with also constant solid silvers and yellows thrown in for good measure. Ecogear ZX blades, hardbodies have worked well as well as Salt Water yabbies. Along Cod Alley there have been several good hook ups of Cod but most going just around the 60cm mark. With this weather and movement of all other fish, it will just be a matter of time before the larger cod start moving around looking for a feed. The bait has shown up along the edges as well, so keep that in mind when working the sounder. Be sure to remember the basics, look for drop offs, weedy edges and structure where shrimp and small fish generally hang around.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast inshore has been fishing well with lots of bream whiting and flathead caught over the sand flats and into the channels on the dropping tides. Soft plastics and surface lures have worked well over the flats while fresh prawns and strip baits have also worked well. The better sand flats are from the northern parts of the Broadwater up to the southern part of Moreton Bay. The dropping tide is the best to fish, leaving your boat in the deeper part of the channel and casting up the shallow part of the sand flat working the drop off.

Offshore anglers are having a great time with some really clean warm water in close of the Goldcoast and Jumpinpin bars. Dolphin fish and small marlin have been eager to take some skirted lures and hard bodies trolled along the 50m mark. Trolling line from south to north has worked well and lures like laser pros and small skirts have worked well. Live baiting is also a good option once locating the fish.

Tip of the Week

Picking your fishing spot usually depends on where they have been biting although this weekend a few more things may affect your decision as lots of places will be very busy. I would be avoiding areas that are predominately skiing areas like Somerset and Leslie Dam’s. Places like Cooby and Cressbrook should be still good to fish over the weekend.

Josh Usher with a beautiful Copeton cod from this week, they are starting to move about.

The team from Fish N Bits would like to extend our Warmest Merry Christmas and Safe Traveling and looking forward to seeing you all in the new year.

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