Fishing Report Dec 7th 2017, Cod Flatties or Marlin Its Heating Up Fast

Lure of the week

 The Hot Bite Gang Banger

The Hot Bite Gang Banger spoons have been dynamite on the bass and even yellowbelly. They work great with a slow roll retrieve and can also be jigged vertical when the fish are underneath the boat and with a huge range of new colours out they are a must have starting at Only $9.99


Somerset Dam

Some of the best fishing you will ever get at Somerset is right now, this heat wave is really firing up the schooled bass. Pelican Point is holding huge numbers of big bass also Queen St and the Spit have a few good schools. The fish are mostly suspended at about 27ft in areas of 35ft fishing. Most sinking lures has worked well but the spoons are defiantly the lure of choice for most, even the normal Halco Twistys have been having great success. Trolling has also worked well using ultra deep divers like the Poltergeist lures, but locating the schools on your fish finder and jigging or casting will give best results.

Cooby Dam

Cooby continues to produce some nice yellowbelly in many parts of the dam. The best success has been trolling shallow diving lures or Jackall tn60’s along the edges of the weed beds. (1 Tip check the wind direction and avoid windblown banks although usually windblown banks are good places to fish at Cooby it creates a lot of surface weed and makes trolling difficult.) Other anglers are using saltwater yabbies and Ecogear ZX blades in the deeper water out from points and along the buoy line and also having some good success on the yellowbelly and smaller cod.

Leslie Dam

The water levels continue to drop at Leslie but the fish are still biting. Again nothing huge reported but good numbers of legal yellowbelly and plenty of undersize cod being landed. Most fish have been caught in the old creek bed soon as you see it drop off the fish are stacked on the edge of the drop off usually in around 27ft of water. Saltwater yabbies and ZX blades have again dominated the fishing although this could be because that’s all anyone is using. Soft vibes and spinnerbaits could also be a great option to mix it up or trolling deep diving lures through the creek bed.

Coolmunda Dam

Unfortunately the good cod bite has slowed off at Coolmunda, most likely from the low pressure and weather. Keep a watch on Coolmunda remember 1020 fish are plenty when it comes to the barometric pressure and if it gets back up this is the place you want to be. For now the yellowbelly are still on the bite out on the flats in front of the boat ramp and there are a few small school down near the dam wall, using your fish finder is key. Once found blades and vibes work well along with saltwater yabbies.

Copeton Dam

Getting into summer now Copeton becomes a manageable place to go as it gets freezing there during winter and even in spring it can be very cold. This is generally the time to get the night time bite, fishing the late afternoon and into the night can produce some fantastic fishing. The water still needs some time to warm up but with a solid heat wave there this week I would suggest packing your cod gear up and looking for a trip to Copeton and take advantage of the swimbait / topwater bite that is available.

Gold Coast fishing

It looks like we are in for another bumper year on the marlin off the Gold Coast. Already lots of small blacks and striped marlin being landed close in off the Gold Coast. A few nice ones were landed this week in 25m of water just out from the Jumpinpin bar. Trolling a spread of 6-8 inch skirted lures at around 7 knots is a great start or bridling live baits has been a great success for the more advanced angler. For more info on marlin fishing pop in and have a chat.

Inshore there has been a big spike in the inshore fishing from many species including flathead, bream and whiting but the stand out is definitely the flathead. There has been plenty of good sized fish caught up on the sand flats on both bait and lures with plenty around the 70cm mark. It looks like a great time to get out and fish north of the Broadwater and through the Pin, Kalinga bank seems to be a hot spot right now.

Tip of the week

I have landed numerous giant cod at Cooby Dam over the years and most of them have come in the month of December. If we keep some consistent weather I would recommend chasing big cod on big spinnerbaits or swimbaits in the late afternoon over the coming month.


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