Fishing Report 23rd Nov Still Plenty of Great Catches Reported

Summer Lotz with her dad Dan with a great Somerset 50cm yellowbelly Summer caught on a ZX 40

Well done Sommer.

Lure of the week

Garra Lures 

The ever expanding range of handcrafted timber lures are getting better and better and one that is growing with popularity is the Garra Range of bibbed hardbodies hand crafted by Terry Marshall. With a huge range of colours and sizes the cod and yellowbelly anglers have been having some good success on these hand crafted Australian lures. Spanning several decades Garra lures have stood the test of time. A must have for our natives. Can be cast or trolled, these lures have taken a huge range of fish including the much sought after Copeton Meter Cod

Cooby Dam 

As our closest lake its usually first option if the wind is down and you have an electric motor. Fortunately the fishing has been pretty consistent lately with plenty of nice yellowbelly being landed all over the lake including out from the yacht club and along the buoy line. Trolling has been a popular option using shallow diving lures like the Stump Jumpers close to the weed edges while jigging blades in the deep along with sinking saltwater yabbies have picked up their fair share of the fish.

Leslie Dam 

Leslie has been a very fish friendly place this year perfect for the family to head out for the weekend and not come home empty handed. Unfortunately the size of the fish hasn’t been great but the numbers have. Most fish have been bordering on legal around the 30cm mark, mainly caught in the old creek bed soon as it drops into the deeper water around 27ft. The fish are stacked up and ready to bite on blades and saltwater yabbies.

Coolmunda Dam

Plenty of anglers have been out trying their luck over the past couple of weeks after seeing plenty of big cod landed, Unfortunately things have slowed off a bit. But there is still plenty of yellowbelly around in the main basin being caught jigging blades as well as live bait.

Somerset Dam

The schooling bass at Somerset have been holding up really well this year, usually they take a lot of fishing pressure and shut down fairly easily. However lately they have continued to bite and move around. Most fish have been located around the pelican Point region spanning out from Red Rock, Brads bank and Wyangy creek. While any sinking lure works, Spoons and soft plastics have been the choice for most anglers and for the bait fishermen live shrimp and worms have proven to work well.

Kinchet Dam 

Far north to Mackay region the barra fishing is red hot with huge numbers of big barra landed daily from lake kinchet unfortunately our closer barra lakes like Monduran and Awoonga have recently flowed over and have become very tough to fish making the trip up north is well worth it most anglers are using larger soft plastics like the squidgy slick rigs or other pre rigged soft plastics while swimbaits and vibes lures have also had good success fishing the weed beds.

Gold Coast Fishing

Summer fishing is starting to kick in with lots of bream and whiting moving up onto the sand flats with the flathead fishing surface lures in the morning has seen some good session while for the bait angler fishing little to no weight has been key to the better sessions. 

Outside the dolphin fish are moving in and getting most anglers very excited. The FAD ( fish attracting device) located out from the gold coast is a hotspot for dolphin fish and many anglers having good success out there on live baits and trolled skirts. 

Tip of the Week 

Lately the wind has been the biggest killer of a good days fishing when the wind is up pick a location that has good areas to hide if the wind get bad ie Cooby has very little places to hide from the wind where as Leslie has good wind cover up the back of the lake and still some good rocky banks to fish while you hide. 


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