Fishing Report 26th Oct 2017 Plenty of Action Get Your Gear and Get Going

Lure of the week

Jets Tailspinners

Tailspinners are dynamite on our schooling bass and yellow belly. Tail-spinners are simple to and it doesn’t stop there. While the slow draw and drop technique does the job most of the time, there are other ways to get the fish interested. They can be retrieved and dropped back to the bottom, trolled, wound fast through the fish and stopped (burn and kill) or even jigged.

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Cooby Dam

Not a whole lot has changed this week at Cooby, still fishing very well. The most successful way has been trolling around the edges of the dam. Trolling Jackall Tn60’s and small hardbodies that dive around 8 Foot have been getting most of the attention. For the bait angler’s saltwater yabbies and live shrimp have been working well.

Cressbrook Dam

Some great reports still coming in from Cressbrook, big numbers of fish are schooling just out from the boat ramp and the Cressbrook Creek arm of the dam. Casting small metal Blades, Tailspinners and Spoons have accounted plenty of fish.

Leslie Dam

Leslie Dam has defiantly been the most consistent fishery over the last couple of months, and now coming into the warmer months it will only get better. There has been some reasonable cod caught this past week, mostly caught on large spinnerbaits either casting or trolling around Cod Alley. The yellow have been in great numbers, casting or jigging ZX blades is still working a treat. For the bait angler saltwater yabbies are a must.

Coolmunda Dam

With Spawning season coming to a close the cod have really come on the bite, casting large spinnerbaits tight to the timber has worked well; also trolling hardbodies such as the Kezza Mud Mouse in those same areas has picked up some great yellow belly. Saltwater yabbies will be key for the bait anglers.

Somerset Dam

Somerset this week is still producing some big fish, with rise in water levels the fish have moved into 40 Foot and suspending. Areas like Bay 13, Pelican Point and in front of Eagles Nest have been holding large numbers of fish. Casting tailspinners, spoons and plastics have been the lure of choice once again.

Offshore Gold Coast

We are just coming in to the most exiting fishing time for the Gold Coast where it becomes one of the most popular fishing destinations in the world as the pelagic fish begin to move through we will start to see lots of dolphin fish along with tuna and mackerel close in to the mainland trolling skirts and hardbodies is an exciting way to catch these fish, With these come the draw card the ‘Marlin’ Black and Blue marlin travel through on the EAC (East Australian Current) and feeder currents. trolling for pelagic fish while having the chance at one of these monsters is about as good as it gets in fishing.


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