Fishing Report 7th Sep, Those Bass are Getting Excited

Lure of the week


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Cooby Dam

Going well still this week. Good reports of 40 to 50cm yellow Belly still being caught around the buoy line and around the corner along the wall. Jackall Masked Vib still doing most the damages with a few also on Ecogear ZXs . Some nice Yellows and Cat Fish picked up on frozen Saltwater Yabbies as well as Live Shrimp, and Live Crayfish along the bank

Cressbrook Dam

The buoy line has seen some good fish landed all the way over to Deer Island. Toilet block still showing a few on the sounders with a few quality Bass being picked up earlier in the days. Eagles Nest has been the go to providing some anglers with quality catches. Spoons and Tail Spinners have proven to be the best lures to use while a few anglers have picked up some Yellow Belly around the edges on Bassman spinnerbaits in the early and late parts of the day.

Somerset Dam

Bass are showing up in good numbers around Pelican Point, Queen st and Bay 13. Several active schools just north of Kirkleigh in the timbers have given some anglers a great catches. Many landed on tailspinners and spoons, once you find a school, using a slow roll action, this should excite them to come on. The warmer days are defiantly making a difference to Somerset. Many anglers have been getting a good feed of quality Yellowbelly this week. Past Kirkleigh throughout the timber to Villeneuve has been great for a slow troll with Spinnerbaits, hardbodies or pull up near some timber and drop some Ice Jigs, ZXs etc

Leslie Dam

The Yellow Belly have started to school up in good numbers around the front of the boat ramp as well as along Cod Alley towards the Dam wall region. Although the sizes vary around the 30cm too high 40s. ZXs as well as Masked Vibs and a few hard bodies on a slow troll and proving to be a sure thing. There is still a few being caught out the back on blades and TNs. Live Shrimp, Salt Water Yabbies have produced some good Yellows as well as some good sized Silvers. Cod has been a little slow, with only 2 reports this week of some medium size caught on Bassman Spinnerbaits in a very slow troll along Cod Alley

Coolmunda Dam

The Yellow Belly have been very active over the past week. They are schooling up in large numbers along the dam wall region as well as around the structure. ZX Blades have been the best lure to use with a few anglers also getting them on TNs and Bassman spinnerpaits. Pay close attention to the bite, Unlike most times, The Yellows have been very soft in their hit and its really easy to not notice it or put it down to a bump from weed etc A couple of good Cod picked up in shallow regions, very slow troll or retrieve. Spinnerbaits have been the best lure to use while a few smaller Cod have been picked up using the Jackal masked Vib and TNs

Boondoomba/Bjelke Petersen Dam

Still many good reports of medium to larger Bass and Yellowbelly coming in. Trolling along timbers as well as casting along the points have convinced many fish to have a go. Salt Water Yabbies are still the bait of choice for the fish, however blades and hard bodies are getting mixed results. Especially along the shallows

Moogerah Dam

Moogerah Dam has started to pick up again, some good catches of Bass out from the day ramp as well as just before the timber in the open bay. Tail Spinners, soft plastics have shown to bring back to life some shut down schools, Dont be afraid to change your technic and try something new. Some good Yellows picked up in the timber region, TNs and have caught their share this week. As well as Live Shrimp and Salt Water Yabbies.


Several anglers have been rewarded with some Mangrove Jacks this past week. A little early then usual All through the Canals around Runaway Bay has been also giving great Flathead and good size Whiting. The big Bream has slowed a little however if your persistent you should be able to pick up a nice feed. The seaway is producing some Kingies and Trevally. All around the Pin there is good reports of quality Flathead , Whiting as well as some nice Jewies being thrown in for good measure.If you wanting to head out offshore, there has been good reports of Pearl perch at the 50’ while a little closer in at 36’ 24’s have given up some very nice Cobias and Trag Jews

Tip of the week

Again the media has been reporting more people fined for under size fish and over bag limits. I cant stress enough about this topic. Research the legal requirements of the area you fish. Understandable they can sometimes be confusing, for example in NSW as well as some parts of Queensland have different seasons for Cod then other parts of the country. However in Copeton Dam for one example your allowed to target Cod all year round.. Take time to find out all the rules, as many of the NSW rules might apply to the Border Rivers even on Qld side. You don’t want to be fined and end up ruining an otherwise great trip. While at the same time with the great results of stocking and catch and release starting to make real difference to numbers. You want to know you are doing the best for the future generation of anglers.


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