next edition to our Local Camping Areas, Passmore Reserve.

Another Great Local Free camping area, Passmore Reserve, If you travel south from Toowoomba on the Leyburn rd through Cambooya, you will go roughly 46kms to the Passmore rd sign on the left hand side, Another 4 kms you will come across Passmore Reserve 

Or traveling towards Warwick to Clifton, from Clifton about 6kms west of the New England Hwy, take the Clifton Leyburn Rd 21 km out to Passmore Rd. Take the Passmore Rd a short distance out to the reserve.

The first thing you will see is the wide open grassy reserve with ample camping area to stake your claim. A few good large old shady tress, Some small wood BBQs concreted into the ground. The reserve does not have any other  facilities so be prepared to take a shovel and toilet paper. 

Its right on the bank of the Condamine river, snaking its way along the border of the grounds. Some good spots with easy access for a swim or putting in kayaks. Some good Yellow belly and Cod are often picked up in this part of the river, As well as a heap of Carp. Even though carp are a pest they can be great entertainment for the kids. They also make great fertilizer for the rose gardens. 

There is a permanent  billabong on the bank that is a great spot for crayfish pots. 

A very interesting part of the reserve are the Scared trees.  These trees have had bark removed by indigenous Australians for the creation of canoes, shelters, shields and containers can be seen at the reserve. 

The camping is Free and Pet friendly and accessible by normal cars etc 

Has good reception for mobile phones and rubbish bins on site. 


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