Great weather to be out landing those PB,s Fishing report 2/08/17

With so many Cracka Cod being landed we have forgotten bout the awesome Big Yellows that are around. Here is a great example of a Bi catch from Matt Anderson picked up at Copeton dam on  Bassman “Codman ” spinnerbit. Well done Matt  .

Lure of the week

Paul Kneller  “ Destructor “

From the master’s workshop comes this New Exciting Australian Timber lure. With all new color designs, New shape yet you can tell its heritage is filled with years of testing, Perfecting that makes this lure one that will be well loved favored for many more years to come. From way back to 1992 Paul Kneller was a natural, well known for the Deception shrimp, that has been favorite of so many, Bringing so many fish to the decks. Now with the all new range from Paul, The performance and results are sure thing.
The Destructor is a crustacean shaped lure with a different distribution of timber which allows the lure to float more evenly back through the water column, slightly larger body for improved castability and a massive bib will have it seeing depths never seen before.

Cooby dam

Cooby dam this week has slowed down a little with a few reports of fish being landed, early morning seems to be the pick of the bite times. Anglers with saltwater yabbies are having the best success. Also jigging ZX blades is another good option.

Cressbrook dam

Still some great reports from Cressbrook this week, the Cressbrook Creek Arm of the dam has been the pick of the spots, fishing Hot Bite tailspinners and Jackall Mask Vibes have been getting the better fish. While for the bait fisherman live shrimp and worms have worked well.

Boondooma dam

Some good reports from Boondooma have filtered through this past week, fishing areas such as Leezagangs Ledge, Barbers Pole and the Boyne Arm of the dam has seen big numbers of fish. Spoons, Tailspinners and Blades have definitely been the pick of the lures.

Copeton dam

With the rise in water level has seen most fish move further up onto freshly flooded banks, Jackall Gantarels and larger Mumblers have picked up most fish. Targeting the proponent points in the main basin have seen good reports of fish as well.


This week at Leslie has been a bit quieter; Anglers with saltwater yabbies have been having the most success, while jigging ZX blades is another great option. In around the Washpool and the Black Boys towards the back of the dam has been the best place.

Gold Coast

Inshore most anglers have been targeting the tailor and big jew fish. Fishing after dark has been most successful using a large amount of burley and lightly weighted bait. Areas from Crab Island through to Sovereign Island have regularly spotted tailor while the seaway has been the best spot for the jew.
Offshore has been amazing with many keen anglers catching yellowtail kingfish and amberjack on jigs or bottom bashing for snapper, pearlies and many other nice reef fish. While we have had exceptional weather and there has been plenty of days to head outside why not take advantage of it now?

Tip of the week

We are already seeing the days start to get longer and the temps getting warmer while it seems there hardly been a winter. The dam fish are already moving back to the deeper water and schooling up. Boondooma dam is a prime example as there has been a great edge bite over the past couple months, but the fish are definitely moving off the edges slowly into some deeper water as the 20 ft mark is really showing the fish.

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