CHECK IT OUT The Newest Addition from Jackall has arrived, Micro Pompadour

The Jackall Pompadour is a no brainer of a surface lure. You can fish it as simply as cast and slow retrieve or twitching it under trees or above snags.  The Fizz, Rattle and Wing Slap really draws the attention of our native predators. The rattling internals imitate a cicada or chattering bird perfectly.  The wings pull the whole scenario together with their freestyle action to form possibly the coolest action and noisiest topwater lure you’ll ever use. Deadly on all of our native predators such as, Cod, Bass, Toga, Sootie, Barra and more . Grab them while you can.

Available now for immediate delivery to your front door. Just click on the link below to be taken straight to the Micro Pompadour selection page.



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