Fishing Report 6 July 2017 Still Plenty of Action Around the Traps

Lure of the week

Stump jumpers have stood the test of time these lures have been around for a long time and continue to be one of the best bibbed hard bodies on the market. Comes with a massive colour range there has been a new size added to the range called the mega stump which is a 200m lure ideal for chasing the big cod. Interchangeable bibs makes these lures a great addition to your talke box, The one lure can be used for several depths conditions

Boondooma dam

With the water temp starting to come down, the best fishing seems to be up on the edges as this is where the warmer water is and most of the bait sources can be found. Matching the hatch is the famous saying, meaning picking a bait or lure that is what the fish are eating. As the new weed beds form around the edges at Boondooma they are holding a lot of small bait fish and shrimp in the weeds for the lure angler. Fishing small suspending hardbodes to the edges has worked really well letting the lure pause while suspended a couple feet under the surface and using small twitching motions has seen a really good bite and a fun way to catch both bass and yellowbelly. While for the bait angler live shrimp has been the best baits. Other than the weed banks there has also been some good fishing up in the timber of both the Boyne and Stuart arms.

Cooby dam

Cooby stays consistent with most anglers bagging a few nice yellowbelly each day. No cricket scores but the average catch is 4 or 5 legal yellowbelly. Most anglers are finding that saltwater yabbies are the best bet while the ZX blades and live shrimp have also been mentioned to have landed some good fish. Fishing out from the main weedy points on the north and eastern banks.

Cressbrook dam

Cressbrook has been producing some good fish. The anglers that regular the lake have been rewarded with big bass and good numbers on all sorts of baits and lures. Both edge and school fishing have been productive, casting small dark blades and spoons has worked well with both deep and shallow water fishing while the bait anglers have stuck with live shrimp and the land based anglers using worms to catch a few catfish.

Lake dyer

A very small lake with very low water levels this lake can really produce some good fish. both bass and yellowbelly can be caught from land based anglers and kayak fisherman only as you won’t get a boat in. The lake is very shallow apart from a big hole that is around 20ft, this is the best place to target the fish jigging blades and using live shrimp is the best technique.

Leslie dam

There seems to be a certain year class of fingerlings that had a huge survival rate at Leslie and those fish are all around 28cm. The amount of small yellowbelly being landed is really good, its showing a good future for Leslie although most anglers are disappointed and not landing the bigger fish. It’s not because they aren’t there but the smaller fish are too aggressive to give the larger fish a chance. Again saltwater yabbies have been the best bait along with live shrimp and ZX blades.

Salt water fishing

This week lead me to the salt water again with plenty of quality table fish getting around a lot of different areas from Moreton bay, the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads there has been plenty of good snapper and jew being landed both inshore and offshore on shallow reefs and some off the main rock walls. The beach fishos have started to see a few tailor coming through also and it’s only a matter of days before it gets a lot better with the offshore anglers finding tons of bait fish just off the coast.

Tip of the week

What I see is that anglers visit all different lakes and are regularly frustrated that they cannot catch them while others are, it’s very clear that to be able to consistently catch fish you must regularly visit one location learn about it and get to know how to fish it. It’s very hard to learn a spot in just one trip.

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