Fishing Report 22 June 2017 Can Fishing Get Any Better?

Jordan Schulz with a great Cod from Copeton early this week


Lure of the week

The Kezza Mudmouse

Mudmouse  are a locally designed made diving hard bodied lure that has caused havoc on the murray cod with a big array of crazy colours, they work in all water condition making them these lures are a must have.  With a great “Wobble” action, as well as different depths they are perfect for all rivers and dams. Come with either painted bibs or unpainted shinny alloy bibs, perfect for tapping the hard rocky bottoms of dams like Glenlyon dam to “shock” the cod awake for reaction hits. The shinny bib is also very handy for times when the water visibility isn’t 100%, it catch’s the suns shine from a good distance down to give the bait fish flash that many cod and yellows cannot resist.

The Border Rivers

The cod fishing is at its all time best right now and the condition of the Dumaresq and Macintyre rivers Is almost perfect. There water is clear and fresh with a high pressure and cold mornings it’s all lined up to have some of the best cod fishing in years with many big cod landed again this week after last week seeing numerous metre fish. The good fishing has continued and spinnerbaiting and casting timber lures around the snags has again produced big numbers of good cod and yellowbelly, defiantly worth a trip over the coming weeks.

Copeton dam

With all the talk of cod around Copeton is again the most popular destination for keen cod anglers with the big fish continuing to be landed every day at the lake. With the cooler weather the early mornings have been the best bite time by far. Fishing up in the shallow bays with swimbaits and surface lures this has been a crazy way to catch metre plus cod and this is the draw card for this lake. This lake has been producing cod year round but the coming weeks look exceptional.

Cooby dam

Our closest lake is still producing some good yellowbelly and smaller cod throughout the day. Fishing out from main lake points with saltwater yabbies and ZX blades has been the most productive methods. While trolling shallow diving hard bodies close to the weed edges has also produced some quality fish and if you can secure yourself some live shrimp you should boat a few fish.

Cressbrook dam

Cressy has been fishing at its best in a good while with good sized bass schooling up in the lake out from main lake points up both arms of the lake. Toilet Block Point and Eagles nest have been a couple of popular locations, but it will be more about locating the fish on your fish finder. Once located all sorts of deep vibes have worked well like blades, spoons and tailspinners. Using a very slow roll technique along the bottom has worked best and again if you can secure some live shrimp they will almost certainly boat some fish.

Leslie dam

Similar fishing continues at Leslie with the smaller fish dominating the bite around the edges. Most land based anglers or people fishing close to the edges have been catching large numbers of small yellowbelly and silver perch mostly on live shrimp, worms and saltwater yabbies while the lure angler has been using ZX blades with a fast wind retrieve. The odd bigger fish that has been caught has been out in the deeper water in the old creek bed. Locating them on you fish finder and again using shrimp, yabbies or ZX blade should almost guarantee some good catches.

Moreton bay

A lot of the year Moreton bay can be a lot of hard work and very little fun, but winter is the exception with good sized snapper and whiting around the islands. Personally I fish Mud and Peel island using soft plastics or pilchards around the drop offs where the reef bottom drops into around 20ft of water. For these overfished areas early morning and late afternoon sees the best bite times although good fish can be caught all day.

Tip of the week

Be able to change your fishing style, the fish are defiantly staying up in the shallower water for longer in most locations. The warmer water in the shallow bays keep an eye on the water temp on your fish finder. If you find areas with increased water temp this could be a good sign for fish, especially in the early mornings.

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