Fishing Report 25 May 2017 The Rivers are Firing Up. Weather Looking Perfect .


Winner of the Cressbrook classic Mick Henare with a 1.72 kg bass. Well done Mick.

Cooby Dam

With the little bit of water that has trickled in to Cooby over the past couple of weeks it has had a positive effect on the bait fish. With an increase in the schools of bait hanging around the edges and weed banks, the yellows have been schooling on the edges in the deeper waters, then in the afternoon/evenings moving in for a feed. The cod have also been coming in to the weed sections in the evening to feast as well.  Using plastics like Mask Vibs, Ikuzu Vibaz etc has produced some great results for several anglers.

Cressbrook dam

Good ol Cressy has been a bit of a challenge for many this year, however for some that have persisted and put the time in they have been rewarded with some nice bass heading up towards the 50cm. However, the smaller bass has been very common. The main basin has produced some good schools with a few mediums hitting the deck. Same as Bull creek Arm, find the schools then slow roll through them or drop below and slowly jig your way up. With last weekend having the Cressbrook Classic we saw some nice bass and a few cat fish being landed, with the winner being Mick Henare with a 1.72 kg bass.

Boondooma dam

Its been a bit of a hard slog at Boondooma lately, but similar to Cressbrook those who have worked through have been rewarded with some great fish. Some nice yellow belly picked up in the timbers with spinner baits as well as worms, salt water yabbies and Live Shrimp. One yellow going 54cm on a worm. Bass have been real slow, working the purple coloured Smaks or Spinner baits have produced several smaller ones with a few good sizes around the points and usual spots. Persistence and working the sounder has been the key.

Moogerah dam

With the cold slowly working its way in we have seen a bit of action starting at Moogerah this week. Mainly on bait, live shrimp in particular. Towards the dam wall as well as the weed edges back just before the timber starts has given up some good yellow belly as well as bass. A few 45 ish cm bass have been picked up with tail spinners on the hump out from the day ramp in small schools in the mornings.

Boarder Rivers

The Dumaresq river around Texas seems to be the most active spot this week for Cod. Many reports of good numbers of cod picked up this week with one going up to 92cm picked up on surface lure . The average size as been around the 70cm, for a river fish that’s a great fighting size to have on the line.  The Jackall Chibitarel and Pompadours has seen its share of the action as well as the Taylor made surface lures, just to name a few. Further down towards Yelarbon wehave also seen some healthy cod and good size and numbers of yellow belly. The rivers have cleaned up since the last flow and will be sure to get better and better as the winter continues rolls in.

Lure of the Week

Smak tail Spinners STS-50  25g

The Smak tail spinners unique design allows it to be trolled, slow rolled and hopped along the bottom. The STS-50 comes in Smaks legendary colour range and quality componentry especially suited to all Australian fishing conditions. Perfect for all of our bass/yellow belly dams and even when you are targeting wild bass in the rivers etc. At a very friendly price point these tail spinners are one of those “Must have” for your tackle box.

 Tip for the week

Check up on the action just before you go. Things can change so fast with fishing, from them taking anthing you put down their way to shut down with in a very small window. It’s always good to read the report to start planning a trip. But just before you head out, especially to a dam, hit up the local park staff and ask them the latest. The likes of Glenlyon, Copeton dam have very passionate and knowledgeable people running the shops that have their ear to the news immediately. They will be able to tell you what’s the best lures, colours and areas to start from as soon as you hit the water.

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