Fishing report 11th May Things are firing up Nicely

Lure of the week

Ballista Hunchback

With the cooler weather coming in, the cod surface bite is picking up in the rivers and there isn’t many better surface lures than the Ballista Hunchback. With its flashing L.E.D light in the back of the lure they can really draw the fish in from afar especially in the dirty water. Comes in 2 sizes as well as the option of a duller version L.E.D. be sure to check out the short video of the Ballista’s when next in store.


Cooby dam

Cooby has been pretty consistent this year with most days producing a few nice yellowbelly and the odd cod. The best fishing sessions have come in the late afternoon jigging Ecogear ZX blades around submerged structure near the buoy line and out from some of the lakes main points. Live shrimp and saltwater yabbies have both worked really well. The lead up to the new moon has seemed to be much better fishing than leading to full moon keep an eye on the calendar.

Leslie dam

Plenty of fish at Leslie, just not a lot of size to them with most anglers landing big numbers from both land based fishing and boat fishing, but getting some keepers is a little tougher while the smaller yellowbelly are in such big numbers it’s hard for the bigger fish to get a chance to take the bait or lures. Again the Ecogear ZX blades have worked best while the soft Jackalls have been a better way to target the bigger fish. For the bait angler live shrimp and saltwater yabbies have been by far the best bait along with live blood worms for the silver perch.

Connelly dam

A small lake close to Toowoomba that doesn’t get a lot of attention but can fish really well and a few reports have started flying around about some nice yellowbelly and smaller cod caught on a variety of baits and lures from land based and kayak fisherman. Again the fish seem to have moved into the shallower water so fishing amongst shallow weed banks has worked well.

Boondooma dam

As the cooler temps come through we are into the transition period where a lot of the fish move to the edges for the warmer water. Boondooma is transitioning well with already a fantastic edge bite underway with good numbers of big yellowbelly tight on the banks eating all sorts of lures and baits. Spinnerbaits have been most dominant with the fish eating them very close to the edges which is a good sign they have moved up. While the bass are still mostly out in the deeper water schooling of main lake points there is a few moving to the banks. All round the fishing is pretty good at Boondooma with the quality out weighing the quantity.

Dumaresq River

The Dumaresq from Texas to Goondiwindi has started to clear up nicely and is really producing some quality fish. This is one of my favorite places to fish with lots of free camp sites along the river with easy access to small boats and kayaks. The scenery is second to none and the fishing backs it up with plenty of nice size cod taking surface lures around the dawn and dusk periods and then spinnerbaiting the snags during the day for yellowbelly and cod. For the land based anglers live baits will work best like shrimp and worms and again fishing the low light times will give you the best chances.

Pindari dam

The trend seems to be that the yellowbelly have moved to the edges early this year and Pindari being one of the best yellowbelly lakes in the country its seems the logical place to go with good reports flowing in of some monster yellowbelly landed this week on spinnerbaits and jackals. Cast to the steep rocky banks using a slow wind retrieve. For the bait angler salt water yabbies fished in the trees has worked really well. I would be looking for a rise in the pressure system to give you the go ahead and you could see some fantastic fishing from this lake.

Tip of the week

For land based anglers stealth is just as important on the bank as it is in the boat, noise and vibration travels very easily through the water just like banging on the boat travels quickly through the water. This can easily shut down the fish and when you are land based you only have a small area to target you don’t wat to spook those fish. When the water is clear it is even important to sometimes stand back from the edge so the fish can’t see you.

Fish of the week

Matty Langford with a yellowbelly from Boondooma on spinner bait. A real nice example of the Big yellows moving towards the edges . Cracka fish Matty well done.

Weather Report, Looking Awesome early next week.



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