Fishing Report 4th May 2017, Big Cod going Great

Been some great catches all over the place this week check out just some of them

Lure of the week

The “Live Target Mullet “ swimbaits are not staying on the shelves very long  with the cod bite in full swing.  These life like swimbaits are very popular, some being the perfect imitation of a small carp or other bait fish they are a must have for the keen cod angler and very reasonably priced.

Cooby dam

With all the cod movement in other locations more anglers have headed to Cooby for their cod fix and there has been plenty biting. Although there is a lot smaller cod being caught around the 50-60cm mark with the odd bigger one around. Despite this the yellowbelly have been biting really well on saltwater yabbies and ZX blades jigged vertically in the deeper water. Again the dawn and dusk bites have been best but the yellowbelly seem to have sporadic bite windows throughout the day.

Leslie dam

Probably our most popular local fishing lake has been quiet kind to us over the past couple months. Producing big numbers of fish, unfortunately the size hasn’t been great but there has been some good fishing both land based and from the boat from yellowbelly, silver perch and some smaller cod. The frozen salt water yabbies have been by far the best way to catch all species with jigging or hoping blades a close second. Best targeted depth has been around 17ft of water in many locations at both ends of the lake.

Somerset dam

On to the bass fishing and Somerset has been producing some quality fish in the usual haunts. Around Pelican Point and Queen st most anglers using tailspinners and jigging spoons to tempt the schooling bass in the deep water, while for the bait angler live shrimp is the go to bait. The fish have moved up a little shallower than they were, possibly finding a better water temp in around the 22ft mark as the temp gets lower try searching up as shallow as 15ft.

Cressbrook dam

Like Somerset the bass have been pretty kind lately after a long period of tough going at Cressbrook. finally some consistence in the catches unlike Somerset, Cressbrook bass push right to the edges and have a great edge bite early in the morning. Using spinnerbaits and small suspending lures then as the day goes on the schooling bass are more likely to feed in the deeper water on spoons, jigs and live shrimp out from main lake points in around 20-25 ft of water.

Copeton dam

Although an almost 4 hour drive away it has been the talk of the town with almost record numbers of giant cod landed this week and a lot from our local anglers braving it to travel down there. With the enticement of metre plus cod on surface lures it’s hard not to be interested. This week the Copeton state park almost hit new records with numerous metre plus cod each day. The main basin area has been the most productive; the best thing about this lake is there is no particular spot. The big cod are thick throughout the lake and you can catch them just about anywhere on any lure. it’s just a matter of persistence. But the swimbaits have defiantly dominated the catches with most of the large swimbaits looking super lifelike and imitating bait fish, anywhere from 4 inch to 10 inch lures doing the job. This week has seen the morning fishing the best time with the new moon and cold nights, the fish have been up in the shallows in the morning waiting for the warmth surface and swimbaits have proved deadly. Don’t be deterred by the number of anglers heading there, this lake will hold up to the fishing pressure no worries and the next couple months will produce some quality fish.

Tip of the week

Fishing the right hours instead of long hours, depending on the fish you are targeting. Most bite windows are at low light levels i.e. dawn and dusk if this is the case you should plan to fish these times. Get up early or stay out late heading out at 10am and coming back at 3pm really is making it a lot harder on yourself.

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