Fishing Report 12 4th 2017 Big Cod Stirring Down South

 Somerset Dam

The past week at Somerset with the small rise in water level has pushed some of the fish into the shallower banks, early mornings will give u the best chance of a reaction bite. spinnerbaits or lipless crankbaits will be the key when fish are holding tight to structure. Once the day goes on and the sun gets higher the fish will tend to move into deeper water, fishing spoons and tailspinners to the schooled fish around Pelican Point and the Kirkliegh flats seem to be the pick of the spots. Still plenty of fish holding around Queen street that are willing to bite.

Cressbrook dam

The fishing has still been red hot at Cressbrook this week with numerous amounts of reports coming in, fishing points up the Cressbrook creek arm of the dam with Blades and tail spinners have been getting most of the bites. The main point of the Bull creek arm has also got plenty of fish.

Coolmunda dam

Coolmunda will be the dam to watch as the colder weather sets in, a lot of the cod will be moving towards the shallower part of the dam and into the warmer water, working larger spinnerbaits or hard bodies in amongst the timber will be your best bet of getting that trophy fish. For the yellow belly fishermen jigging ZX40’s in the same area should see u land quite a few.


Most reports this week at Glenlyon have been around the main basin, fishing Bassman DT spinnerbaits seem to be the most productive way of finding a few fish. Up towards the back of the dam trolling large hardbodies around the caves have seen a few caught as well.


Copeton this week has really seen the fish become quite active with this cold weather starting to set in, with a rise in water level a Large percentage of the fish have travelled up towards the top end of the Gwyder arm of the dam where the water has come in, Casting Mumblers, spinnerbaits and Mudeye Wake Snakes have been a great way to target these fish.

Tip of the week

If you are fishing in any impoundment no matter the species you are chasing, with all the run off from the recent rain, fish anywhere the water is running in as there is  a good chance the fish will be sitting in ambush waiting for the fresh water and bait fish the rain washes in.

Lure of the week

Mudeye Lures Rattlesnake

Mud eye Lures are all handmade here in Victoria, specifically targeted to our Australian fish, especially natives like Murray Cod.

Mudeye Rattlesnake is a serious jointed topwater lure, not for mucking around. Snake, lizard or swimming reptile action across the surface which will raise the serious predators in the area, big presence and big action deliver big bites! The rear section of the Rattlesnake creates buoyancy and a racket you have to experience.

Each is fitted with 2 x VMC super strong trebles. Every lure is individually handcrafted, hand painted and tested! During prototyping and initial field testing this lure has proven a hit with multiple meter plus Murray Cod to its name already. Will also be a must have on any surface predator!

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