Fishing Report 6th April 2017, Some Awesome Cod Fishing about to kick off

Henri with a 49cm bass from cressbrook recently, Caught on a Hot Bite JETS tailspinner in Jackpot colour…

Lure of the week

Jackall Gigantrael and Gantia are finally back in stock .These lures are cod catching machines and will do wonders on the barra also, they are a must for any big fish angler. If you are heading to Copeton over the Easter Break be sure to swing by and Check them out, They go Super Fast so dont leave it to long.


Leslie dam

Mostly unaffected by the recent rains there has been a small influx of water but the fishing hasn’t changed. Plenty of smaller yellowbelly and silver perch around keen to eat worms or blades. Up the back of the dam has become dirty, there is a predominant line where the water colour changes. This has been a good area to catch some quality fish. The fish have been found all throughout the lake but with land based fishing proving to be very rewarding with it being quite easy to land some good fish off the banks on bloodworms.

Cressbrook dam

Cressbrook continues to surprise most anglers after its long absence of good fishing, there has been reports every week of big bass around the 50cm mark being landed along with plenty of others good fish over the 40cm mark. There still seems to be a few different ways to catch them but the most consistent has been fishing the schooled bass in the deeper water with tailspinners, blades and spoons. Using either hopping or slow winding technique has had the best results along with live shrimp and slow trolling. Again, Cressbrook was only mildly effected by the rains and the fishing should improve from it.

Somerset dam

In the lead up to the big rains Somerset really fired up. The increased pressure and build up really turned them on with most anglers catching plenty of big bass in the schools around Pelican Point and Queen st, unfortunately the lake was then closed due to the big influx of water and is giving it a good rest defiantly a place to look at when it re-opens.

Boondooma dam

Boondooma received some quality rain and lifted the lake to 53% and increasing the fishing quality with the fresh influx. That has made the fishing a bit tuffer as the water has also become a lot dirtier. Previously the fish had been moving and there was a good bite up in the timbers fishing baits and lures while the rest of the lake continued to also fish well with the schooling fish finding the thermocline in deep water. Both bass and yellowbelly had been caught together once locating the schools. Trolling has been a good way to find the fish as well as just a great way to catch a few.

The Smak hardbody range has been doing the job for trolling.

With the weather the way it is, Best to call before heading out to see what changes have been made as things can go from awesome to shut down with in a few hours.

Copeton dam

This is the prime time of the year for Copeton dam, the big cod are out and on the bite and we have defiantly seen a big increase in the numbers of cod being landed at Copeton over the past couple weeks. This time last year we caught 14 on one night on a new moon with the season a bit late this year I would suggest the next month is the time to go. Big swimbaits and surface lures have been working great along with the ever faithful spinnerbaits and big hardbodies. The perfect time to get that dream fish.

Norther NSW rivers

Lots of people inquiring about the border rivers, unfortunately they have taken a fair influx and have become really dirty with a good flow. I would give it a couple weeks before heading there although bait could still work if you find an eddy of slower water.

Boyne river

Many anglers interested in the Boyne river this week as Awonga dam has gone over the wall and this has dumped a lot of fish into the Boyne river. In a very short time this will make for some epic barramundi fishing although this time it only went over 2m as appose to 8m in 2011. The fish count that went over the wall is nothing like it was in the last flood so we will not see fishing like last time but I would think there  will be some better fishing to be had than usual. Most anglers fish Pikes crossing or the Benaraby bridge with slick rigs and Transams, time will tell.

Tip of the week

No matter what hot tip you get or what report you read the fishing can change dramatically in a minute or can be a lot different for each angler. There is no sure thing in fishing keep an open mind when heading out be willing to abandon the hot tip and go with your instinct. The best fishing you will ever have will be a spot you find yourself, rarely is it someone else’s spot.


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