Fishing Report 30th March Stay Safe, If Flooded Forget it, Live to Fish Another Day

Mark Atkins with a great 105 Cod from Copeton Dam, Well done mark.

Lure of the week

The all new Norries ZX blades are very similar to our ever popular Ecogear ZX blades, although the Norries are a bit smaller and a bit heavier which is great for vertical jigging. The extra weight is great for keeping in contact with the bottom, these new blades also have the long stinger hooks fitted and a great colour range.

Australia Only!! With Limited quantity. Nories Jigging-ZX( 30mm, 4.9g)

Cressbrook dam

The bass dams have been really firing this past week and Cressbrook being our closest bass lake it has been the place to go with a few bass over the 50cm mark being landed this week along with some good numbers of smaller bass. Both edge fishing and school fishing has worked, the edges have been producing the bigger fish while the numbers have come from the schools. Casting spinnerbaits and light tail spinners to the edges has worked best or any bladed lure ie. Beatle spin will work well. While the schooling bass will eat similar lures along with plastics, blades and live shrimp you will see plenty of numbers. The schooled bass are mostly in around 25ft of water out from main lake points.

Somerset dam

Our next closest bass lake is Somerset and it is also producing some quality fishing with more big bass over the 50cm mark being landed here, also although Somerset has no edge bite it’s all school fishing deep water again 25 ft seems about the mark. Sometimes they will suspend at 25 ft but you will be in a lot deeper water up to 80ft when fishing these suspended fish, it is important to know your sink rates of the lures you are using and for the bait angler taking a little more notice of how far you drop your bait down, getting your bait or lure in front of the fish is the key. Pelican Point and other points surrounding that area have held the best fish.

Maroon dam

Another close bass lake that is quiet popular at the moment with this time of year really firing the bass up. There is no better place for a keen bass angler than Maroon dam with its wide variety of landscapes, it’s a bass fisherman’s dream to have large matt weed beds to fish surface and weedless plastics around to deep timber to spinnerbait and cast reaction lures to as well as schooling bass out from main lake points in the main basin. No huge bass but plenty around the 40cm mark and a great place to hone your fishing skills for the bass angler live shrimp is the best bait by far.

Leslie dam

One of our region’s most popular fisheries has continued with huge numbers of small yellowbelly being landed by everyone. Small jigging blades and saltwater yabbies have been by far the best ways to catch them, although the majority of the fish have been undersize they are good fun to catch and great for the kids. Jigging blades In around 15ft is the best way and a simple technique for the whole family, just make sure your are regularly keeping in contact with the bottom when jigging.

Copeton dam

Things are starting to fire back up at Copeton and we are getting to that time of the year where the big ones start coming out. Lots of anglers are chasing the big ones on surface lures and swimbaits fishing pretty tight to the edges against steeper rocky banks although the cod have been pretty random with some coming deep and other shallow and on all different types of baits and lures it’s the old game of a thousand casts to catch these special giants.

Tip of the week

This report is based on the information given over the past week, major weather events like we are having now and even small changes in the weather and conditions can dramatically change the dynamics of the fishing. Only time will tell how each location will be effected depending on how effected the areas are. Some locations will thrive from the fresh and all the new bait washed into the area while other will turn dirty and the oxygen will be depleted which will make the fish sulk keep, an eye on the coming reports to see where to had next.


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