Fishing Report Thurs 23 March 2017 Cressy Is firing up

Lure of the week

The Austackle Vexa Vibr have been working a treat at Cressbrook, lately these great little blades have a piece of oyster shell on them to give them the most natural look avablble. They come in multiple sizes and colours and work on a slow roll or hopped.

 Cressbrook dam

Cressbrook has been all the talk this week with plenty of good fishing sessions taking place there. Most of the fish have come from the deeper water in around 25ft schooling up. Lures like blades and tailspinners have been by far the best way to catch them. Either slow rolling them along the bottom or even slow trolling them over the schools. The big schools of bass have been found at Eagles Nest, Toilet Block point and just out from Loveday Cove. Live shrimp has also produced the goods.

Leslie dam

Again large numbers of fish being landed at Leslie, unfortunately a lot of undersize yellowbelly and sliver perch, still good fun. Salt water yabbies and blades have worked best in all different parts of the lake. While trolling deep divers in the main basin has seen some better fish, even some good cod over the 80cm mark.

Maroon dam

A place not often talked about but always producing good fish is Maroon dam and lately has been no exception with plenty of good bass being landed on all sorts of baits and lures. The best being Jackall TN60’s cast to the edges, although there is a small window in the morning for a good surface bite and if you are fishing the weedy points then soft plastics have worked well.

Moogerah Dam

The sister lake to Maroon just down the road has also been fishing pretty well with some good schools forming out from the Spit point and other main lake points, again blades and tailspinners have worked well while the odd bigger fish has come on Jackalls in around the timbers, either casting or trolling. For the bait fisherman live shrimp will be the bait of choice followed by worms.

Cooby dam

Much of the same happening at Cooby again this week with most anglers grabbing themselves a few nice yellowbelly each session, mainly using saltwater yabbies or jigging blades. Most anglers are finding small bite windows where the fish come on and then shut off.  No particular time just random bite periods throughout the day, if your there long enough one will happen. The afternoon has been slightly better fishing.

Brisbane river

As reported on the news the rain has made the river really muddy and stirred things up, this along with the green water out at sea has bought a lot of sharks into the river system with loads of bull sharks being caught everywhere through the river from in the city right up to Colleges Crossing. If this type of fishing interests you now would be a good time to chase one. Try using whole mullet or live bait and only fish your bait in the top 6ft of the water column as this is where sharks feed.

Moreton bay

The snapper fishing is starting to heat up in the bay with some better size fish being landed around the islands like Peel and Mud. Fishing soft plastics and soft vibes down the edges of the reefs has worked really well while fresh squid has been the bait of choice. There has also been some good whiting around also eating a well presented soft plastic or a sand worm.

Tip of the week

Always try work out what bait the fish you are targeting would be eating ie. The fish in Cooby in the weed are eating shrimp. There are good snapper around Mud Island eating squid, we know this because Mud Island is a renowned spot for catching squid and Cooby weed is full of shrimp. The best bait to use is the bait they are eating, same goes for lure fishing. Try to imitate the bait they are eating, if you see balls of bait fish you’ll know what fish imitation that is best.

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