Fishing Report 23 02 2017 Cod still on the Chew


Lachlan Warren with a cracking 111 cm murray cod caught this week at Glenlyon dam

Lure of the week

The locally produced Hot bite lures have been a big success Australia wide for the bass and yellowbelly fisherman. With the release of some great new colors they have come back to the top of the list for must have lures when targeting deeper fish in out lakes. Be sure to check out the Hot Bite YouTube videos for some really helpful techniques on ways to maximize your catch

Glenlyon dam

With plenty of good reports this week from Glenlyon of monster cod and plentiful yellowbelly, the fish have been caught on the usual lures spinnerbaits and blades. There has been a number of good sized cod around the 80 cm mark landed with a few better ones over the meter on both spinnerbaits and hardbodies. Mean while the yellowbelly have been schooling up, but you either catch none or a hundred, once you locate the school It is on and the ZX blades have again done all the damage even out fishing bait at this time.

Bjelke Petersen dam

This lake located up near Nanango has been heavy on the local’s radar for the past 12 months.  The fishing has been really good and this week has proved why anglers using BP to hone their skills with all sorts of lures as the fish are willing to take anything that is well presented. The stand out lures have been spoons, blades, tailspinners and spinnerbaits. But plenty of other lures, bait have worked well, there is a Team tournament on this weekend if you want to check it out go to

Leslie dam

Leslie has continued to be the best of the local impoundments with plenty of fish getting caught on both bait and lures. Mainly it has been smaller yellowbelly on live shrimp, saltwater yabbies and Ecogear blades. The bigger fish have come in the main creek bed in the deeper water but the bigger numbers of fish have been up the back in the more shallow water around 8ft. Early mornings has seen the best bite time with a few silver perch and small murray cod being landed among the yellowbelly.

Somerset dam

All keen bass anglers have been flocking to Somerset lately with the big bass on the bite. Schools around Pelican Point and just before the start of the timbers have seen numerous bass over the 50cm mark and a lot more in the mid 40’s. These schools are sitting in around 25ft of water and have been best targeted on spoons and spinnerbaits. The schools near the timber have also been producing some quality yellowbelly among them and for the bait angler live shrimp is a must, but lures have been doing the job just fine. Take your yabby pots there has been plenty of redclaw about.

Cressbrook dam

Not much new is happening at Cressy this week, but some the bigger fish have been caught early in the morning before 8am. Fishing to the edges with spinnerbaits then throughout the day there seems to be plagues of smaller bass and grunter that will take bait and blades,  still fun for the kids and a great opportunity for them to hone their skills.

Cooby dam

Not much change again, still a few good yellowbelly being landed out from the main lake points and up near the buoy line. Jigging Ecogear blades or using saltwater yabbies have been the most productive techniques and the late afternoon has been the best bite time.

Southern Queensland offshore

Our offshore region is not too good when it comes to reef fishing but what it is renowned for is the pelagic season.  Anglers travel from all over the world to the Gold Coast area in search for the blue marlin. Our area produces some incredible fishing during this time while the fish are traveling down the EAC (Eastern Australian Current). With the fast moving current the fish are traveling in the currents for long distances and are always passing by our area. The EAC is approximately 30 miles offshore; trolling around this area can produce big fish but can take a lot of trolling to find them unless you have more sophisticated data of the currents. Either way many anglers put out what’s called a spread of lures, mainly big skirts that skip across the top. We did just this last weekend and after a couple hours of trolling came in to some good water and sure enough hooked a giant blue marlin approx 180kg. Hooking these fish is one thing but getting them to the boat is another. Driving the boat, clearing the deck and fighting the fish are all full time jobs. These fish fight like nothing else in the ocean and are incredibly smart in what they do. Getting themselves in the currents to add pressure to the angler and save energy, it took me 3hours 20 mins to land the fish and it’s something I won’t be looking to do again for a good while. The capture was recorded and filmed by ‘The Captain’ magazine which is out in march if you would like to check it out. This was on my bucket list for a long time and something I’m glad I did. If it’s on your bucket list you won’t have to travel far. The Gold Coast is one of the best blue marlin fisheries in the world and there are some great pros to take you out and put you onto them. I would highly recommend going with a professional as these are not fish you want to target with limited experience.

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