Fishing Report 16/02/17 Dams are stocked Woo Hoo

Kyle Dawes with a great example of a 59 cm cod at Leslie dam on a black Jackall tn 70,



Lure of the week

The new Storm Arashi lures have been very popular in our local dams firstly they came out with a 60mm and 80mm deep divers that have worked great on cod and yellowbelly and now the release of the vibe which has a great colour range and is working wonders on the bass and yellowbelly.

Leslie dam

The trend continues at Leslie with lots of smaller fish being caught again this week. We headed up the back of the lake at Leslie to find lots of active yellowbelly around the 8ft mark. The bigger ones seem to bite early in the morning but the smaller fish were very active all day, mainly on blades and Jackalls. Winding or trolling pretty quick seem to produce better results, there was also a few good silver perch taking the lures as well. For the bait anglers again plagues of small fish in the shallower waters but if you are after the bigger fish there have been some better ones caught down the dam wall end in the deeper water on live shrimp and saltwater yabbies but less fish are caught.

Glenlyon dam

A little further to drive but Glenlyon has reported some good catches of big cod and large numbers of yellowbelly on all sorts of baits and lures including surface walkers and large bibbed hardbodies. While the yellowbelly have been super active on blades and Jackalls, they have also been keen on the saltwater yabbies and live shrimps.

Cressbrook dam

Plenty on consistent reports coming in that Cressbrook is firing with fish coming on all sorts of baits and lures and in all different depths. Lots of anglers casting spinnerbaits and suspending lures to the edges all day and catching good numbers of fish, although mostly small fish while other anglers have been targeting the deeper fish out from some of the most predominant main lake points. Casting tailspinners, spoons and blades into the schools has also seen plenty of fish but again mostly smaller fish. For the bait angler, again live shrimp is a must when heading to Cressbrook.

Boondooma dam

With a large number of anglers merging to Boondooma over the weekend it really put the lake to the test and like usual it held up to the test with plenty of good sized bass and yellowbelly landed. Over the weekend lots of anglers had good success on all types of lures from trolling, to casting to jigging the bass and yellowbelly in all parts of the lake. The schooling bass were thick out from most main lake points while the yellowbelly numbers were in the start of the timbers especially in the Stuart arm. For the bait angler live shrimp and saltwater yabbies were the best baits but live worms didn’t fail either.

Somerset dam

As we predicted earlier, the season is a bit behind. Usually we have the lakes really firing by the end of December but this year is late but it has finally arrived. Somerset has had some real good form for the past couple weeks now with huge bass over the 50cm mark being landed daily along with a lot of other good sized fish, again the bass have been schooling up in the usual spots like Pelican Point and Queen st all the way up to the start of the timbers. Mostly in around the 25ft mark most sinking type lures have worked well including spinnerbaits, tailspinners and spoons. For the bait angler live shrimp is like almost cheating if you can locate the school they will be straight on to the shrimp finding the schools with the bigger fish amongst them is the key.

Gold coast

Inshore has been getting a good working over by many keen anglers with plenty of good sized mangrove jacks being landed in the rivers casting suspending hardbodies and soft plastics on lightly weighted jig heads. This along with the huge numbers of whiting and bream on surface lures, its hard to stay away.

Offshore things have really improved this week with the currents slowing down more pelagics are showing up with big numbers of dolphin fish getting around the 50 fathoms and this time they are more active and eating surface lures and trolled skirts while live baits have been finding the better fish.

Tip of the week

Soon we will be looking at Cressbrook from a new perspective with a few thousand Mary river cod recently released it wont be long before these fingerlings have grown to a catchable size and the cod angler will be targeting the ever elusive Mary river cod right here at Cressbrook dam. Our other lakes received a hefty input of fingerlings also thanks to the SIPS stocking program. Looks like a bright future for our local impoundments.



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